5 ways to develop willpower and pursue goals

I have no will power - the words we utter the diagnosis, something like poor vision, or chronic angina. But self-control - it's not the talent with which to be born, and a skill that can be developed. Heroine describes the main ways to become firmer in its decisions and to achieve goals. Learn to do it easily and with pleasure.

1. take into account your personality type

5 ways to develop willpower and pursue goals

Do not ignore the peculiarities of his character, and take them into account. If you are prone to impulsive acts, analyze what points lead to disruptions: bad mood, the influence of others, boredom.

Introverts tend to inspire thoughts and ideas, so it is better to draw motivation from within. To control these people are suitable to keep a diary and plan the most.

Extroverts are fueled by society. They motivate the people around, so if you are more applicable to this type, look for accomplices: not important, social networks or in their environment. You will be easier to control himself, when you know that you are not alone in their quest.

2. Put a specific purpose and make plans

5 ways to develop willpower and pursue goals

We are more firm in intent, when we put only one specific objective at a time - it confirms a psychological study, published in the Journal of Consumer Research. So do not plan-repair his life, A improves room by room.

The problem with a lot of goals, not only in the fact that hard for you to concentrate. they often overlap or contradict each other. For example, you want to stop drinking, and friends and colleagues - then their invitation to go to the bar after work will be a test for both purposes. The second important step - making a plan. Our brains are ill-suited to solve abstract problems. He likes order and a sense of control. Therefore, you will be hard to achieve the goal without a specific idea of ​​what to do and when.

Also, do not forget that your brain is lazy and not particularly interested in, to remind you of unpleasant tasks. Visualize your goal: decomposes at home tips, a special application with reminders.

3. To make our life easier

To achieve something, you need to force, but it should not be a painful struggle is eternal. Strive not to to overcome himself, and to ensure that the build in order to work on in your life.

Do you want to regularly go to the gym - choose comfortable time and not drive themselves tired after work. Trying to eat less sweets, and fast food - look for unusual useful recipes, interesting places with a healthy diet, change the route so as not to walk every day by cooking. Teach English - to communicate with native speakers, see your favorite movies and TV series in the original, read foreign articles that are useful for your work or hobby. The lighter will be your way to the goal, the more likely you will achieve it.

4. Create a clear image of themselves in the future

Why is it so difficult to put off saving for retirement, save for an apartment or other ambitious targets that we consider his future as someone else's. This is some other "I" will be sorry that in his 50 as untenable as 20.

It's almost like a lack of a plan: the task is too global, and therefore - the abstract. A simple list of actions is not enough. You need to create a clear image of his future life. Mentally Fast forward a few years to come. What will you, if you do what you dream? And what will happen to your life if you did not carry out their plans? The image of the future will be more alive you, the stronger your motivation. Do not argue about the later stages of their lives as if they do not concern you, and from you nothing depends. You do create your reality.

5 ways to develop willpower and pursue goals

5. Learn from your mistakes

On the way to every purpose there are breakdowns. It is important to make sure that they did not affect your desire to go further.

Let's say you quit smoking. You lasted a month, and then allowed herself a cigarette. You can solve that problem and again failed to start smoking regularly. And you can think of that has provoked thee: for example, you and your friends were resting in a bar, and when it went out for a smoke, you go with them. Admit that this was your fault, and next time do not go even a "breath of fresh air."

To achieve success, not necessarily suffer. Negative emotions - the main thing that weakens the will power. So do not blame yourself and reward not only for the result, but also for his efforts.

Do you have the willpower and you it is reinforced?