6 signs that you have problems with empathy

The main function of empathy - to establish a mutual understanding between people. That's why the weaker our capacity for empathy, the harder it is to build a healthy relationship. You can not suspect that the cause of many failures - not bad luck, and bad empathy. Heroine will tell you how to understand that you do not feel other people.

1. Poorly developed intuition

6 signs that you have problems with empathy

People often teaches you surprises: suddenly be offended, will betray it or disappear. You do not just seem that this is no reason at all. In fact, most likely, you feel bad and we do not notice the warning signs in their behavior.

You can consider a person a good friend, not realizing that he treats you lightly. You easily fooled, so always around so many villains. People who have poorly developed empathy, and can themselves behave rudely, without thinking that their actions can hurt others.

You do not know is whether you have the same feeling and do not know how to listen to yourself.

2. Do not know how to take responsibility for your emotions

You do not separate their emotions from other people's actions. If you're that upset about something, it means that people intentionally want to offend.

Verbally expressed it this way: you attack others, but do not talk about their emotions. Instead say, "I feel hurt because of your act," says: "You hurt me with his act." It seems that the idea is the same, but the way it is expressed, can tell a lot about a person.

3. suspiciousness

6 signs that you have problems with empathy

You constantly need to hear from the man, that's all right. Seek confirmation from their girlfriends that your relationship with a guy in the norm. Decipher his actions. Even if the partner is in plain text to say that you are all well, it does not convince you completely.

Such mistrust is taken again because of problems with intuition. You need facts and words, because the feelings you have a problem.

4. During an argument you want to hurt a person

You do not treat conflict as a way to find a compromise and resolve the problem. It is a fight in which you need to defend and attack. So you nothing concrete has been trying to get across, and even more so do not listen to the partner, and the only accused. No holding back in terms not think words spoken in anger will affect the relationship after you've reconciled.

If you want to build a healthy communication with others, will have to learn the correct conflict. To express their opinions, talk about their own emotions, not by attacking the speaker.

5. You have to measure all the emotions

6 signs that you have problems with empathy

If I am happy with everything, therefore, it suits all - typical thinking bad empath. Such a person for all projects his emotions and does not allow the thought that others may feel quite differently. Therefore, those who are weak in empathy, partners are always sudden escape, but all was well. In fact, such situations are rarely unexpected. If you feel a partner, it is unlikely that you will not notice that he is unhappy.

6. Do not know how to survive due to the fact that none of your business

This feature is easiest to notice. You difficult to soften the film and even more so - a book. Laughing at his mother, who weeps at the TV. I do not understand why in the days of mass tragedies of hundreds of people from different cities of weeping, though their grief not affected.

This is not a disadvantage, because you easier to keep calm and not to waste wasted emotion than empathy. Excessive sensitivity takes a lot of effort.

If you recognize these symptoms in yourself, do not be upset. Empathy is always possible to develop, and we have been told how to do it.

How well do you feel the emotions of other people?