4 reasons to take a pram for rent

Evening dress, musical instruments, travel goods, sports equipment - Today the rent you can buy almost everything, including children's products. Heroine met with representatives of service rental of children's clothes the Stokke and explain why you should rent a stroller just at them.

1. Convenience without costing

4 reasons to take a pram for rent

Buggy - one of the most expensive things on the list of prospective parents. High-quality, functional models will cost dearly, besides in addition to wheelchairs need a lot of other things, and they we can not always afford. The only way to purchase a stroller - to issue lease. If we compare the average prices of these services in the rental and shop, the difference will be noticeable.

Rental stroller Stokke premium in the first six months will be released in 29 thousand, while the purchase of new carriages will cost 70-80 thousand.

2. No need to spend time on shopping

In order to rent a stroller, do not necessarily go out and wander around the shops in the endless search for a suitable model. Stokke rental service has its own website where you can choose a reliable, comfortable pram to negotiate with the manager of the terms of payment and arrange delivery at a convenient time. rent a stroller

4 reasons to take a pram for rent

3. If not approached - can be exchanged

If for some reason the stroller did not fit: the marriage is found, not current size, color or equipment do not meet the expectations, on the spot, you can exchange it for another. In this case, the rental system provides a unique opportunity to acquire a new weekly sidecar today took one model, a week later - another, and to do so until such time until you find the one that is ready to use all the time.

4 reasons to take a pram for rent

4. You can take the time to

When the child grows up and begins to walk on their own, the need for a wheelchair disappears. To uncared for not gathering dust on the balcony and does not take up too much space in the house, usually the parents are trying to sell it. However, this is not always easy, even if the stroller is almost in perfect condition. There is even one advantage stroller rentals - when it becomes necessary, you just hand over her back.

Rent a high-quality and convenient stroller premium at affordable prices, please visit the online store Stokke. Stokke strollers are universal: they are used from birth until the child reaches 15 kg, thanks to a comfortable cradle, carrying, adjustable seat unit with a larger hood and wide footboard. Retentive castor wheels make it easy to manage a stroller, walking, even the most narrow and bumpy city streets. Here it is an opportunity to test any stroller before you buy, to rent it for a week, a month or six months, and also to change the different models when you need it. You can also purchase a variety of online children's products: strollers and their accessories, cradles, chairs, beds, folding trays, suitcases transformers, muslin veil and walking textiles.

How do you feel about renting children's products?