Stadium "Labor Reserves" in Kazan: description, address

Sports complex "Labor Reserves" in Kazan - one of the oldest stadiums in the city. It was built in 1962, and in the middle of the two thousandth experienced a large-scale reconstruction.


Sports Complex Services

At the stadium, "Labor Reserves" in Kazan is located:

  • standard field for the game of football;
  • field for mini-football;
  • outdoor skating rink and a hockey box;
  • 2 outdoor tennis courts.

is Gorky Park next to the stadium. It is ideal for biking or rollerblading in the warm season, and in winter for cross-country skiing. Rent movies and bike park is open from May to September. In winter, the "labor reserve" can rent skis or skates.

In smokers podtribunnyh placed sports clubs. The complex consists of six rooms:

  • for rhythmic gymnastics;
  • large and small dance;
  • wrestling;
  • fitness;
  • a game.

In the administrative building of the sports complex is the gym boxing.

In the sports complex "labor reserve" Kazan has a children's sports school - Olympic Reserve "Grace" and the district sports for children and youth.


Soccer field complex "Labor Reserves"

Standard field for football with artificial turf in the winter turns into an ice arena thanks to the cooling system. it involved pupils of children's sports school in the summer.

Field certified and has the FIFA recommendations "2 star" and is suitable for professional tournament soccer. "Labor Reserves" in Kazan are two fields for mini-football, one on campus, more in Gorky Park.

A mini-football also has artificial turf. His complex is equipped with changing rooms and showers. It can also be rented for corporate events and children's tournaments.

rink and skating rink "labor reserve"


The complex "Labor Reserves" in Kazan in winter offers everyone to skate or play ice hockey.

Ice skating rink is open on weekdays from 17.30 to 21.00, and on Saturday and Sunday and public holidays - from 12.00 to 22.00.

At the rink skates works, often arranged recreational activities, competitions.

Play hockey can be on weekdays from 17.00 till 20.00 and on weekends and public holidays from 12.00 to 20.00. Pre-booking rink as possible to all the questions the manager on duty to answer about booking time.

How do I get to the set of

Sports complex "labor reserve" Kazan is located at street Nikolai Ershov, 7. You can reach it by metro - station "Carded Sloboda" and "Ploshchad Tukaya". Those who prefer ground transportation can take a bus or trolley to stop "Gorky Park".

"Labor Reserves" - a modern multifunctional sports complex, offering both subscription class, and giving the possibility to rent sports facilities for corporate events. And in the winter, and in summer guests of Kazan and the locals can have fun and health benefits spend time here, without necessarily having your sports equipment, you can always hire a.