How to develop a good taste in the child

Our generation grew by an ironic drama Winnie the Pooh, bison school classics, while in print did not come out of Harry Potter and the phone was used to call. Needless to say - Movies was a real treat, and access to the Internet - just expanded consciousness forever.

This had some romance and style, but their children, we have to educate on the variety of content that is available to 2019. Today - it is a time when technology serve us, and you can use them not only for personal comfort, but also to shape the future - namely education in your child a sense of style and good taste.

Together with CINEMOOD Heroine talk about the new gadget, which was created specifically to give you and your children an unforgettable experience of interaction with a rapidly changing world. This time talking about a portable cinema MULTiKUBIK and how to use it to make the process of education effective, exciting and emotional for all of you.

1. Listen to good music

How to develop a good taste in the child

As long as the child is still not so sociable, to discuss with him the last album Cardy Bi, and to read books you another three or four years, begin with the aesthetic education of music. Toddlers and older children to actively respond to the pleasant sounds, distinguish shades of mood and rhythm are stored. It is music that helps stimulate the part of the brain that is responsible for reading, math and emotional development. The sooner you start to listen to him different genres, singing catchy songs, the sooner the baby talk. And when it comes to the adult child, the quality music - a guarantee that your child will not listen to stuff and may be interested in playing a musical instrument. You can use the MULTiKUBIK to search in Yandex. Suitable music tracks and listen to them with your child. Plug it into the background when the baby is playing or doing something around the house, or Arrange a festive party in honor of the birth with the help of modern technology.

2. Read an interesting book

To instill in children a love of reading, show him that you love to read, too. Let him see you with a book and asks questions. To discuss with them the interesting stories read aloud to him, and before going to bed together listen to an audiobook, select and play that you can use MULTiKUBIKa.

The principle of operation MULTiKUBIKa built on the filtering quality and suitable for the age of the content. This feature helps prevent premature acquaintance with YouTube and hang on the Internet without cause. A nice bonus - audio books can be a unusual experience for a child, not yet had time to see anything other than a paper book or TV. Be sure to tell him how they work.

More adult child can take MULTiKUBIK to school or listen to audiobooks on my way home, because the new gadget can easily fit in your pocket.

How to develop a good taste in the child


3. Expand its experiential

For young children, there is an excellent alternative to such cultural education as visiting exhibitions and concerts - and this shadow theater, which can be recreated with the help of MULTiKUBIKa. Practicing shadow theater advise child psychologists and educators, because it extends the empirical experience of the child. Kid sees floating figures, feels like running light and shadow, and can compare the same story, presenting a variety of ways: yesterday you read to him about animals, and now he sees how they play on the ceiling and jump over the walls. You can arrange a fabulous view right at home, you just find a comfortable place where you will be comfortable to sit, and a free surface in order to use the projector's built-in gadget. The view can be dynamic: Hold the cube in your hands and plunge into history with the baby.

4. Watch cartoons safe to

How to develop a good taste in the child

A beautiful picture, bright colors, modern graphics and well-drawn story lines - the new generation of cartoons more interesting than those on which we grew up. Technology put into making the visuals, will help teach a child to a beautiful, yet in practice, it will simply escape from the boredom of watching your favorite stories.

MULTiKUBIK make the usual leisure very special experience. Using the gadget, you and your child find yourself in your own home theater and you can choose interesting cartoons from a constantly growing database, speech therapists and psychologists selected specifically for children of different ages. Watching cartoons on the projector - is a modern and safe leisure, as MULTiKUBIK projects the image onto the surface, and the child is not exposed to harmful radiation and does not tire. With MULTiKUBIKa can be metered viewing cartoons and thus wean the child from his usual bad gadgets.

Because MULTiKUBIK easily fits in your hand, your child can watch their favorite cartoons on a trip or to call friends to visit and surprise them with modern gadgets. Do you want the child to not only entertain, but also to learn something, turn to him a selection of cartoons in English, for example the English version of "Smeshariki" - "Kikoriki" or forbid read Winnie the Pooh in English "Winnie the Pooh".

To your child it was easier to find a interesting cartoon in the product integration of multi application was made, that is, each owner gets MULTiKUBIKa 1 year free subscription. This means that the new cartoon series it will appear earlier than on TV and on the Internet - it's time to tell your child that is exclusive and why he deserves it.

5. Educate correct family tradition

One way to emotionally bond with the child and instill in him the right values ​​- refer to their experience and share on what you grow yourself. MULTiKUBIK can become a time machine for a child a happy childhood his parents, thanks to a set of slides which will look all together. The gadget has over 200 filmstrips, which will be able to read fairy tales and classic literature or enjoying bedtime articulated version of slides.

What is the MULTiKUBIK?

MULTiKUBIK - is not just a gadget toy that displays a high quality image with a clear sound on any surface. This is the embodiment of modern technology in the hand of your child. It is not only the largest database of entertainment content and the training of children, but also built-in artificial intelligence to its owner can control the device with your voice. Is not it a great way to tell the child that is the AI, and to explore the invention on their own experience? Use the gadget from Sinemood can and you will, because it is not only the children's program, but also a great base films, TV shows, books and tutorials in YouTube access to your favorite blogs. Using the device with your child, you show him a great example and teach in the future to choose for yourself only high quality, stylish, tech stuff, and that is our goal - to invest in the future development.