Smart set-top box, which will expand the capabilities of your TV

Smart set-top box, which will expand the capabilities of your TV

Maybe for some it will be the news, but in Russia from 2019 are going to gradually switch off analogue broadcasting. And despite the prevalence of digital broadcasting, the sending ISP, is to talk about alternatives - more interesting in terms of features.

It's about the Smart-TV set-top box IconBit Movie Ultra HD 4K. This multifunctional gadget for TV, that extends the experience of use and makes it a smart device. How exactly - we tell on.

The smart set-top box to the TV

The idea of ​​such a device is simple - combine the multimedia capabilities of a smartphone - or rather, its operating system with a TV. All that is required, - the HDMI cable that connects them. According to it, as to a TV or monitor connected and other devices that can output an image: DVD-players, computers, and other such devices.

But all relish it in the operating system (OS) and other technologies that are built into a console. The most popular operating system for smart set-top box - all the favorite Android. If your phone is not from Apple, then, consider, you can already imagine the functional consoles. It remains to talk about the possibilities of a particular model.

IconBit Movie Ultra HD 4K

Smart set-top box, which will expand the capabilities of your TV

For the 2018-2019 year, this attachment is ideal. Sleek design, small size, remote included. But all this stuff. The main thing - what's inside. And inside a modified version of Android 7.1, 8GB of non-volatile memory and 1GB of RAM. It may seem that 1GB - a little, but do not forget that this is a set-top box, and a lot of it to work is not necessary. It is also necessary to understand that you do not have to install an antenna, satellite receiver with a plate or cable set-top box. No wires (except the video cable to the TV) and the mess - the device works "out of the box." Only need access to a Wi-Fi - and the entire Internet will be in front of you with all possible content.

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Now, about the iron. The system is based on Rockchip RK3229 chip - it provides several important key features that are needed by all in the era of high-quality media content:

HDMI 2.0 Support. Any TV or monitor the last 5 years, "understands" the standard of the format. Fortunately, the cable with his support comes.

Support for 4K video resolution. Youtube and online cinemas all rapidly moving to 4K content. This resolution is 4 times larger than the standard Full-HD (1920 * 1080 pixels), and if you have just such a TV or monitor, you can easily enjoy the unprecedented picture clarity.

Support for the FPS to 60. 60 frames per second - that's a lot. We used to watch movies and TV shows on 24-30 FPS, but after moving to 60 to / from the back does not want to, because you begin to notice how much jerking and non-fluent video we watched life. This is particularly important for dynamic content. Your television are more likely to support this frequency.

Support for 10bit. 10bit - this color depth. But to be more precise - the number of shades, which can display screen. It is still popular 8bit-marketing video, but they go away. Because 10Bit - it's more than one billion colors against the usual 16 million and the total absence of a step gradient, which is particularly visible in the black areas of the picture or video. Of course, you need to, and the film was shot in this format and the TV supports. USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and Micro SD connectors. Their presence makes it possible to connect to the console flash drives, memory cards and hard drives with media content and files. With music, movies, photos - everything anything.

Wi-Fi and the Ethernet. Top box can be connected either directly to the internet cable and a Wi-fi. That is, the console can be taken to the cottage or on a journey - the main thing that was a monitor / TV and Internet. That still gives the existence of the Internet - on.

The use of the prefix

Smart set-top box, which will expand the capabilities of your TV

Android OS is slightly adapted to the problem device, but allows you to do almost everything you can on a normal smartphone. You can watch the YouTube, visit the website, download the application from the Google Play Store, open any movies and music from the internal memory or connected externally. And all this on the big screen.

But it can be returned and the usual TV. Just download an application that implements online-TV, and watch the usual channels, and even more - no restrictions. Also, you will also appreciate the on-line theater - they are now very much (IVI, Megogo, TVzavr, Amediatka, Okko, Google Play). They often there is free content, and a paid subscription or rental. The quality of movies and TV shows on top.

As for the interface, all intuitively. On the main screen you frequently used applications: video player, conductor, browser settings and icons for all applications. All can be configured as an ordinary Android. By the way, the availability of Wifi allows you to broadcast to the console (and she in TV) video from computers and smartphones. However, it has pokoldovat programs and settings, but the network is full of instructions.


This prefix will be indispensable to the acquisition of the TV, and a perfect companion for traveling. You can bring along a USB flash drive or poobemnee once the hard disk on which pre-throw collection of movies or TV series (1000 gigabytes fit about a hundred films in the FHD-as), and the availability of set-top boxes will brighten up any evening or boring day. And if you have a child, then you will be able to find something to do to him: children's YouTube or the same cartoons make him happy.

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