How to keep warm in the apartment and save on communal

How to keep warm in the apartment and save on communal

Modern heating systems have become much more energy efficient: they are not only able to heat the air in the whole house, but also saves a lot of money. Together with by REDMOND, we'll work on the principle of intelligent electric heater, its benefits and the impact on the indoor climate.

Smart electric heater REDMOND - an innovative device that will allow you to control the heating of apartment from your smartphone. This is the best way to build a house warm, welcoming atmosphere to their arrival, while reducing heating costs. Here are some other benefits of smart electric heater:

Remote control

The essence of any smart technology - ergonomics. With the ability to remote control, you can control the operation of the electric heater, while at work, at the gym, or traveling - one press of the start button in the application Ready for Sky, and you will not have to return to the cold apartment and wait until the air warms up.

Energy saving

How to keep warm in the apartment and save on communal

Do not waste energy in vain - Program the smart electric heater to be turned on when you really need it. Going into the app, you can select the desired temperature, set the operation time or block the manual activation of the device, which is especially important if a family has young children. Saving money also helps the system intelligent heating built into some models of smart electric heaters. It is based on the sensitivity of the motion sensor that automatically turns on and off when a person comes into the room and comes out of it.


Smart electric heater is not dangerous for people with allergies and respiratory diseases, so it can be easily installed in any room. The essence of its operation is that the warm air flows have a low speed, so dust and various fine particles may cause or aggravate allergies, do not rise into the air.

No noise

The unique design of the convector during heating and cooling of the smart electric heater there is no extraneous noise, so you can easily install it in the nursery or bedroom, which will be comfortably watch TV, read or sleep.

Preventing odor

How to keep warm in the apartment and save on communal

Intelligent heaters combine the safety and ecological compatibility. As compared with conventional high temperature heaters are not substantially combusted oxygen or dry air, while maintaining optimum humidity in the room. An additional advantage of the smart models is that they do not burn small particles of dust, preventing unpleasant odors in the room.

you will forget forever With the smart electric heater that is cold floors and walls, as well as significantly urezhesh monthly bill for electricity.

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