Evening life hacking, to help reduce anxiety

The fact that you do in the evening - not just training for bed and configuration process for the next day. Chemicals that are released in your brain to feel relaxed and happy, there are only good during a deep sleep. If you do not get it - most likely the next day you will feel uneasy. Fortunately, to change the quality of sleep, you can not only change the temperature in the room or taking melatonin. We have collected 7 simple tricks for evening rituals that help you sleep better and get rid of anxiety.

1. Find a heavier blanket

Evening life hacking, to help reduce anxiety

Invest a few funds in a heavy blanket - according to a study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, heavy blankets allow you to achieve a state of calm and improve sleep quality. A small change in your bedroom - something that will help you feel more relaxed the next day.

2. Harness breathing practices

Conscious breathing can seem tedious and boring procedure, but even the simplest technology significantly help with anxiety. Try a few of the exercises described us to reduce anxiety before going to bed - and not to transfer it to the next day.

3. Drink a glass of warm water with honey

Evening life hacking, to help reduce anxiety

You do not need an expensive Asian tea or sleeping pills to help the body to relax enough - will help even an ordinary cup of water with honey. It contains amino acids such as tryptophan, induces sleep. In addition, this cocktail is easy to prepare and it is nice to feel the taste. Even such a simple ritual before bedtime can have a significant impact on reducing your anxiety.

4. Turn the TV series

Evening life hacking, to help reduce anxiety

If you want to cope with the nightmares and panic morning feeling - turn off your screen long before gone to bed. Not only that, the blue light of your device affects the production of melatonin, the show that you're looking to stimulate your brain and make the process a few more tasks, instead of preparing for bed. Leave the laptop in another room, turn off the phone and try to notice a little meditation.

5. The free memory

If you can not stop thinking about all in a row before going to sleep - it's definitely lead to increased anxiety the next day. Take a notebook and pen and write down everything that is bothering you right now. This will not only allow you to free up your memory to load, but also contribute to the reduction of anxiety that you are missing something. Repeat the same procedure and in the morning - to get rid of any precursors of panic.

6. Relaxing in the shower

After a little training before bedtime - take away some of the things that attract your attention, and take a bath. Light scented candles with lavender, chamomile and sandalwood trees, including instrumental music. Give up the evening listening to a podcast or watching the news and concentrate on their own feelings.

7. Use your bed only for sleep

Perhaps you like to read books in bed or watching TV shows on a tablet, but if you recently increased your anxiety - to change the place for these activities.

To improve the quality of sleep, it is necessary to establish that the bed is for sleep only.

- a clinical counselor and art therapist, associate professor of online graduate programs at the University Bradley, Dr. Molly Ansari

If you use the bed for a snack, write a to-do list for tomorrow or watch TV - it causes the subconscious to believe that bed is designed for everything except sleep. Navigate to your favorite chair in the kitchen, sofa or any other place in which you will be convenient to complete the case, and lie down in bed only to sleep.

What do you usually do before going to sleep at night?