6 mistakes that you make when you go to take a nap

When you feel severe fatigue, and the schedule is far too much to do, it is worth thinking about how to use your short break to sleep. But if after a nap you feel worse, most likely, you let these mistakes, which do not allow you to relax and gain strength.

1. Do not place the graph

6 mistakes that you make when you go to take a nap

Planning is not only a regular schedule of their sleep at night - you can also set certain limits within which you can go take a nap in the afternoon. This allows you to prepare your brain - and even adjust to some seasonal features. Have a plan for your dream and always try to stick with it.

2. You go to night

Try not to go to take a nap after 3 pm, as this can significantly affect your night's sleep, or even lead to insomnia. Lived wrong night - and now you are klyuesh nose all the next morning. Try to plan your day so that no short vacation time-consuming in a night's sleep.

3. You sleep too long

6 mistakes that you make when you go to take a nap

Even if you know that you have an hour of free time in the afternoon, do not spend it all a dream. Sleep specialist and a qualified therapist Chris Winter argues that in order to feel more cheerful, it is necessary to put itself on the 30 minutes limit. It will not let you dive in too deep slumber - from which emerges as hard.

4. You go in noisy environments

It is extremely important to create a cozy and quiet environment before you make up your mind to lie down. Find a quiet, cool and comfortable place, take off your shoes. Lean back, find a cozy blanket. Think about how to fill the room with a relaxing aroma, or drink a cup of tea with herbs.

5. to force yourself to sleep

6 mistakes that you make when you go to take a nap

Do not think about how success or failure was your break, and in any case do not try to force yourself to sleep. Drop all expectations, close your eyes and feel the relaxation in your body. Enjoy the moment in time when you do not need to do anything and go anywhere.

Spend a bit of time trying to learn another meditation technique or proper breathing. Feel like oxygen fills every cell of your body, removing the stress and tension.

6. Do not get up right away after sleep

Your dining dream must end so that the brain is clearly understood that more rest will not work. Do not waste time trying to soak in a reclining chair and flip through the social network. Come out into the sunshine and arrange a short walk. Reduction of melatonin in the body, as well as stimulation of serotonin help you restore a sense of his own body and return him cheerful.

Does your nap?