8 reasons why you can not sleep

As you can only think about how to lie down on the bed on arrival home, but as soon as you touch the pillow throughout the day - a dream disappears. If this happens to you, probably, the problem lies in these reasons.

1. Do not you realize that you consume caffeine

8 reasons why you can not sleep

When it comes to caffeine, we usually imagine just coffee, although it is found in many other products. Chocolate or iced tea and have a high level of caffeine and can disturb your sleep, so give up their use as long as the dream is not restored.

2. You sleep too much on output

Spend the whole weekend in bed - tempting, but definitely harmful. Similarly vacation you just shoot down your biological rhythm and complicate falling asleep during all weekdays. Instead of sleeping till noon in the output, set the alarm for an hour later than usual, to you it was easier to get out of bed on Monday.

3. You have an old mattress

8 reasons why you can not sleep

In an ideal - you have to change your mattress every 10 years. That lack of a comfortable place to sleep can interfere with your going to sleep, even if you think your old sofa has become a part of you. Now at your disposal a wide range of mattresses of different hardness, which can satisfy all your needs, so do not neglect the opportunity to fall asleep quickly and wake up rested.

4. Drank alcohol

Even if you're used to serve a glass of wine for dinner - this habit is to refuse, if for some time suffering from insomnia. Limit alcohol consumption, or at least to stop drinking for about three hours before you go to bed.

5. You go take a nap during the day

It is normal that your energy level drops in the middle of the day, and only what you want - a little nap. If you succumb to the temptation to lie down to rest - with a high probability you sobesh your sleep schedule. Try your best to plan a little physical activity in the middle of the day to cheer up. In addition, it will help you feel quite tired in the evening to go to sleep as soon as head touches the pillow.

8 reasons why you can not sleep

6. You menopause

Menopause can cause damage throughout your body, and, unfortunately, this is not only to women aged. Almost a quarter of women in menopause experience hot flashes, which interfere with sleep. Stop them is practically impossible, but to reduce the symptoms, you can use the wicking sheets or special cool pillow.

7. You sleep with animals

Many people like to fall asleep with the pets at hand. But your dogs and cats at night can be even more active and constantly pull you out of the deep sleep phase. Also, if you have sensitive skin and mucous membrane, hair and other trace elements can cause an allergic reaction, which is also not conducive to sleep.

8 reasons why you can not sleep

8. You have insomnia from blue light

Centers of Sleep Medicine and a sleep do not tire of repeating: you need to turn off all equipment and gadgets before you go to bed. Your smart phone, tablet or television emit blue light, which suppresses the production of melatonin. The bad news is also the fact that you need at least an hour without a loved one phone to the body tuned to rest. But if you no longer felt to sleep, it really should change his evening routine.

How do you cope with a chronic lack of sleep?