How to travel after birth

How to travel after birth

You came first born - congratulations! But do not think that now you have to throw away your passport, because he, allegedly, in the next few years, 18-Th you do not come in handy. joy of motherhood should not deprive you of freedom to know this world.

Of course, traveling with a wonderful, but require constant attention, "the third wheel" is more difficult, besides your child will not remember anything of what he saw, but this should not keep you locked up.

Traveling with a baby can be organized, and be sure it will be just as fun and rewarding as ever to you. With the right attitude to this question, good planning, and if both the traveler quite healthy and ready physically, this adventure can be a memorable one.

Many young mothers, leading an active life, not stop its development and after birth, because to know the world and to expand the horizons can be together. The main thing - the preparation and the right approach.

At the airport, and the plane

Flight with a child, of course, will be more difficult than before. You're lucky if the child falls asleep, but if not, then you need to be prepared for the fact that it will have something to entertain. Children under one year, as a rule, do not experience any problems with boredom or with laying the ears, which so excites all mothers-traveler. If you are flying with a child older, make sure that it is something to do. In advance, prepare the coloring, sticker, new books or toys. Let it be organized as a surprise. As for the problems with laying the ears, the baby will help the water and candies. But with a different ear drops is better not to risk it. At large airports there are lounge-room, where you can spend time with your child. Often there are even special Soup for crawling babies.

If the flight delay, you should have a meal and a change of clothes for the baby.


Another reason for the discomfort can become the life of the hotel. As a rule, not all hotels provide rooms adapted for life with small children, so something will have to do yourself. Secure the corners and cover the outlet, do the canopy of dark cloth for an afternoon nap, for example.

How to travel after birth

Acquisition of Withings Home Baby monitor or other similar gadgets - a very good idea. So you can keep track of a child in another room.

Do not forget about time management: planning time in this journey is much more difficult, so take care of the alarm clock.

disease in a way

Child sick in the journey, can greatly overshadow the trip, so you should take some precautions before and during the trip.

Restrict evening walks or stay in a cool place.

If a child is sick for a very relaxing, then in such a situation come to the aid kit, insurance and pre-planned consultation with the pediatrician. Learn clinics and hospitals place where going to rest, in case you have to go to them. Have on hand the Internet - a very useful thing. Of course, self-diagnosis can hurt, but often, Googling the symptoms, you can save a lot of hassle, and also to study drugs prescribed foreign doctor.

Here is a small list of what you should bring.

are suitable for treatment of minor wounds:

  • Bepanten
  • The ointment "Rescuer"
  • cotton, bandages, plasters, cotton buds

For stomach:

  • Activated carbon
  • Espumizan

From motion sickness:

  • Dramina

For the nose:

  • akvamaris
  • Nazivin

For erupted teeth:

  • Viburkol
  • Kalgel


Such a thing as acclimatization, can become a problem for both children and adults. It does not require treatment as such, but to take action is still necessary. It is best to avoid changes in temperature, and hence it is not necessary to take away the child from the cold climate in the hot. Therefore, the summer - the best time to travel.

How to travel after birth

The first days are not in a hurry to spend much time in the sun and do not forget to give your child enough water in the case of dehydration.

That's really what precisely it is better to avoid is additional vaccinations and other treatment for 2 weeks before or after the trip. To change time zones, on the contrary, it is better to prepare in advance, unless, of course, we are not talking about the difference in two hours.


Yes, this time the size of luggage is impressive! But not to fall into a difficult situation on the road and avoid unnecessary emotions, you need a responsible approach to baggage collection.

If you are traveling alone, then such a thing as a stroller, you can not take it, because it can always be rented. But feeding accessories, Toiletries, utensils and clothes to pack better, even if you know where all this will be available, as prices abroad are likely much higher.

There are a number of useful applications to your phone that will help you collect the luggage and miss nothing. So, as you can see, traveling with a baby and really very comfortable, if you did everything right and took care of the details in advance. Bon voyage!