As the Internet affects our self-esteem

Why do we compare ourselves with others

As the Internet affects our self-esteem

Compare yourself with others - it is absolutely natural phenomenon for the individual and society. People learn to compare themselves with others still in the early stages of psychological and social development (7-8 years). At this age, children compare themselves with other children, trying to figure out how well they can carry out an assignment. At older ages, we are beginning to take an interest in relationships with people, including romantic, which means that the course is a comparison of the appearance.

A comparison is necessary for us in order that determine how well we fit into this society. Starting with objective criteria, such as height and weight, for example, we turn to more and more subjective, such as beauty and intelligence.

Social comparison - the comparison is based on your ability to be like someone else, and do everything the same as it does. For example, you are viewing a fitness account and see someone whose physical form appeals to you: muscles, figure, the ability to perform certain physical exercises. At this point you define for themselves how this person is attractive from the point of view of society and compare their abilities with his abilities. In other words, social comparison, as any comparison - it is a psychological reaction to what he saw and self-determination process.

Can social comparisons help us to

Comparing ourselves to others, we are faced with the fact that we can be either better or worse than someone else. The same kind of attractive girl fitness instructor can be both motivating to change for the better, and the way of self-affirmation in its perfection. For example, you stumbled upon a profile Instagrame where aspiring fitness enthusiast says that is just beginning its work on them, and at this point you can be happy for myself and my already exhausted exercise scheme.

Social comparison can benefit people with high demands on ourselves. They can experience the inspiration and motivation to achieve even greater results in the present moment. Looking accounts telling of someone's accomplishments, a person with a healthy self-esteem and a rational approach to the success can use this information as a challenge for self-improvement.

Imeydzh media like Instagrama Pinteresta or, in fact, show your users to the outside world based on visual appeal, appearance, rather than on the physical health or the real achievements. Thanks to these services are people with high demands on themselves can achieve good results precisely because it inclined to social comparison. This desire to change themselves for the better based on what we see on social networks can be considered as a positive influence.

What makes us to compare ourselves with others

The realization that someone for whom we follow in social networks can have a better life, affects the way we see ourselves. You may realize that your efforts are not enough for a happy life, and that you need to change something every time your belt there are new photos from those handsome, successful, educated and socially, than you. We begin to compare ourselves, and this is for several reasons:

1. Today's social networking users use them more as a social "spotlight" than as a reflection of themselves or some sides of real life. No one wants to share a photo or a failed negative information, as this could discourage followers to follow the account.

2. People who are not so strongly tied to social networks, do not pay attention to how edited by one or another picture, lined with someone from subscribers.

3. We have instant access to social networks, which means that as soon as we get bored or have nothing to do, we go on VKontakte or Instagram and start to sink in comparing yourself with others quite unconsciously.

How to protect yourself from the harmful effects of social networks

As the Internet affects our self-esteem

, of course, social networks, users can perform a number of actions to make their presence on the Internet less psychologically dangerous. First we need to understand that social comparison does not always affect adversely. It can push you to the fulfillment of its goals. The main thing - to realize that the goal is realistic for you, and you can achieve it, especially in areas such as health, fitness, diet. If after visiting the social networks you are feeling depressed - take a break and think about why you feel so. It is best to stop interested users, updates that cause you negative emotions. Given that each person is inclined to compare, you must understand that you define yourself, and it must be so. The pages viewed by you, regardless of whether they are believable or not, should not define who you are. Especially considering that in today's world, you decide what you watch, how and when.

Take your life under independent control. In the end, around you there are so many things that can help you become better, to fill your life, bring experience and happiness that spend time comparing yourself to others and about this disorder is just silly. Remember that even in the worst of times you can wrap a negative influence in a positive and enjoy life, even on the Internet.