How to efficiently work with female colleagues

How to efficiently work with female colleagues

misogyny - a growing problem and, unfortunately, not only in the men's circles, but also among women. Every day women face discrimination, sexism, low wages and other issues. But the most amazing thing is that often it is women who are the cause of misogyny, envy and rivalry. We decided to deal with the question of why be an aggressive toward his colleague - is counterproductive, and how to stop misogyny manifest in the work environment.

1. Do not neglect collaboration

When preparing for an important presentation, you realize that your work colleagues has a more original and creative ideas than yours, and likely management will appreciate her efforts, you're right. While you concentrate on what others are doing, you lose focus from their own work, and cease to be productive. As often happens when people try to live my life not thinking that someone else is something more significant.

Instead of being jealous ignore or, worse, to intercept other people's ideas, better focus on their work, or the next time invite your colleague to work in a team. Together, you can arrange to brainstorm, share ideas and inspire each other, and then to share the joy of success. After a fruitful union reputation of each of you will increase significantly, and you will be more likely to do interesting proposals on cooperation.

2. Do not create an unfavorable working environment

staff opinions can differ and even be completely opposite. But the fact that your colleague has taken a different path of development of events, does not mean that you can not work together in the future, and the divergence of views - this is the reason for the conflict and rancor.

If you are experiencing negative to his employee, most often it is very easy to calculate, as evidenced by the sign language and the invisible tension in the working atmosphere.

Instead of spreading negative energy that will be felt all the team members, think about what you can do in order to maintain the "working world". Listen more and learn how to get out of your comfort zone, trying to understand why a particular employee thinks differently. If you can relieve tension in the team, all the members will surely be grateful.

3. Do not forget to celebrate their victories

How to efficiently work with female colleagues

No matter how brilliant a career of your employee, instead of wasting your time on jealousy and constantly follow the events of her life, begin to celebrate their own victories and achievements. No need to compare ourselves with those who did better, better focus on improvement. Everyone has their own path to success and your own life, which can be happy in different ways. Keep the other women in your work environment, but do not forget about yourself and your work. To create a friendly atmosphere is much more productive than constantly analyze why you may be worse than some of your colleagues.

4. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire or to become a mentor

Find someone who will give advice, to train you and share with you the experience - an important step towards a successful career. If your team has a talented and successful woman with whom you are constantly comparing yourself, make an effort and to join with it in a professional relationship from which both of you will be the winner.

Various career spheres can be variously complicated and, therefore, find the support and cooperation of the same working women, you are much more valuable than to find an opponent.

In addition to career, you can find good friends who will be able to make your personal life a lot more colorful. In any case, women who are experiencing difficulties in the working environment should support each other and learn to interact, as the only way to cope with problems that are relevant to women today.