8 ways to achieve greater, not to mention it directly

Career development - it is a goal to be pursued to anyone who wants to succeed in his profession. But not always chosen work can be productive and have prospects for future growth. The employee may simply ignore the fact that no effort to get a raise, while you go out and ask for it does not seem quite decent. We decided to figure out how to act in such a situation and figure out what to do to improve the chances of career growth, without telling his superiors directly.

1. Find the patron saint of

8 ways to achieve greater, not to mention it directly

A recent study showed that 4 out of 5 workers who have a trusting relationship with someone of superior officers were promoted. Get into a shelter someone from respected people in the team - to have the opportunity to receive useful advice in how to accelerate their progress on the work and get good feedback on their work. Such relationships can be useful for those who want to improve as someone in whose working environment you will be able to enter, be sure would say a word for you. In addition, you can always stay up to date with interesting news and important issues that already increases your chance to show off their knowledge at the right time (not as gossip, of course).

2. Calculate the results

Increase is not always based on your past successes, but nevertheless, it is important to keep a record of your success over a long period of time. Record all the results that have helped your company to fulfill the plan, improve efficiency, or in any other way original or creative to make a difference. Thus, you will be prepared at any time be able to convincingly defend its right to increase. In addition, objective data about your accomplishments can give an idea about your competence, professionalism and abilities.

modesty in this matter superfluous, because in order to get promoted and move rapidly through the ranks, you must know how to sell themselves.

3. Establish communication with the head of

Liaise with the supervisor is very important, because this person should be regarded in the same way as all his colleagues. Head can help you or slow down your development for a variety of reasons relating to the human factor, but nonetheless, to be close to it - the best way to improve. Begin often consult with his boss, to emphasize the fact that you're interested in to stay with the company that you are interested in its success. Talk to your manager about a possible promotion for you, finding out what are the prospects do you have as an employee. Be confident in the eyes of the authorities - is a great skill to show that you know your own worth and professional services - is not an empty phrase, and your boss is worth for you to stay.

It is also very helpful to know a little about the life of his boss, the scope of his interests and be able to carry on a conversation about what is important for him and for you at corporate parties, conferences and other social events.

4. Acquire new knowledge

8 ways to achieve greater, not to mention it directly

The acquisition of new knowledge and professional capabilities makes you an indispensable employee, especially if you know how to develop a regular basis and in the areas that are useful to your company. Do not ignore the ability to work with technology and understand the latest gadgets as their development does not stand still, and you can thus become a more experienced employee, whose reputation would attract attention. But to be in the trend it is necessary not only in the technology industry, but also in everything related to the specifics of your work and the company.

5. Develop relationships with employees

Trusting relationship with employees is just as important as the relations with the boss. Colleagues who know about your merits, appreciate your work and trust you in your activities, may become assistants in progress, because during the following discussion of possible candidates for it may be you promote, if your employees will allocate you as a useful worker. In addition, communication with colleagues helps to get much new information about the place of your work, especially superiors, and the subtleties of the functioning of the company itself.

added bonus can be a pleasant acquaintance, to help you more and enjoy being in the office.

6. Take more responsibility

Your intention is to do more than you're doing now - is another good way to become more helpful and interested in the eyes of the authorities. The main thing that this initiative has not led to the use of you for the work to be performed by others. Remember that the work should be paid, and if you still help for free, then pay attention to what kind of work will bring you help and benefit, and which turns into exploitation of your time and effort.

7. Work in a team

8 ways to achieve greater, not to mention it directly

Despite the fact that the increase - a case involving just you, you must not forget the fact that any company - a team. Working as a team, be sure to take into account the views and needs of colleagues, to support those who are working with you on a project, and, of course, be able to share the success and praise those who are closely connected with your work. Teamwork not only make life easier in the office and bring a lot of useful knowledge, but also help you develop your leadership skills, if you want to grow your company.

8. Coming up with new tasks

Once you've figured out what goals the company, and what it needs, think about areas that have gone unnoticed, but still need to be improved. Decide what you can do to improve the situation and begin to develop new knowledge in this field. Do not be afraid to propose new ideas and projects, because this is how you demonstrate your awareness, interest and creativity, which will not go unnoticed by management.