How not to spoil his life

Everyone wants to be the master of his own life, to make decisions, seize opportunities and realize dreams. But many people forget that the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning, and therefore, each person is responsible for his own happiness. We decided to find out with what mistakes we make in trying to become happier and what to do in order not to ruin their lives.

1. Learn what is interesting to you

How not to spoil his life

Regardless of age, everyone is faced with the need to learn something, be it a school, university or further education. The family, society and the immediate environment is very often get in the way of your own opinions and desires to master certain knowledge, as in society, unfortunately, there are too many "standards" that dictate what you need to know to find a prestigious job, and someone needs to become in order to be considered successful and happy.

That's one way to ruin their own lives - to blindly follow the supposedly objectively correct attitudes. Choose training related to your main area of ​​interest, even if it seems to you at first glance not prestigious. Modern life shows that you can make money on anything, but to do something that really is fun and is a quality product, can not many. One of the worst mistakes you can avoid at any age - it ruin your own potential and motivation, trying to follow the general flow.

2. Do not let your education determine

If you look at how many people are actually working in the profession, considering their education the main vector of their lives, we can see a very low statistics. It's not the fact that a university degree does not make sense in principle, but the idea that it obtained a diploma determines who you are - another standard imposed by society, who knows nothing about self-realization. You can be a professional in his field in various areas, and can continue to put into practice the knowledge gained during the training, but your true "I" depends precisely on you, not on the document received.

3. Do not waste your time on someone who does not care about you

Fear of loneliness, low self-esteem, and, of course, the fact that everything has a partner can push you to continue the toxic relationship with someone. To justify such a life can be different: love, habit, or even the desire to kill time. But to be with someone who cares about you the way you deserve it - means to kill not only the time but also his own life.

If you realize that the relationship linking you and your partner have long ceased to bring happiness, leave them in the past, spend some time alone, so it is much better to prepare you for the improvement of their lives and the opportunity to meet someone standing.

4. Do not get a job that you do not care

How not to spoil his life

No matter how much money the company offers as a popular brand and the reputation of the place in which you plan to work, do not use all of this only to earn or to be "respectable" in the eyes of their family and friends. Look for work which will bring not only money, but also fun.

Realize your dream and continue to seek a profession to which you have a business; where you will be able to grow as a person to whom you would like to be; where your potential will be revealed, and the merits appreciated. Even if such work will be deprived of comfort, you will get much more experience of satisfaction and importance, if you stay in the place where you belong soul.

5. Change what you do not like

"Talking is easier than doing," - this is an excuse that is to forget, if you want a better life. Stop endure the inconvenience and mess in your own life just because it's easier or "right." You deserve more - do not forget about it.

Changes - it is always difficult and frightening, but they are not only for the "most courageous" - they are reasonable for people who wish to own happiness. If you are unhappy with something that happens in your life, start to think about how to change it, and when think of change. The truly desperate situations in life is not enough, and you can always ask for help or even advice from friends.

6. Do not marry the wrong person

Love marriage - it sounds very romantic, but at the same time it is the only marriage that can be considered rational. Do not get married just because all your friends have long been married, or because you spent too much time with your current partner, accustomed and do not want to change anything. Do not get married just because you want children, because there are many ways to make them and to grow without having to spend my life with the wrong person.

It is not necessary to marry and also because your parents insist on it or because someone said it was time. Do not tie your life with a man who supposedly can provide you financially, or because you think that will ever find love. Instead, build healthy relationships, full of understanding, care, development, and, of course, love. Appreciate what you have, and begin to take seriously the people who treat you well. Perhaps it is you yourself let rise a serious relationship.

7. Do not live by someone else's rules

How not to spoil his life

To follow someone else's rules and stick to a ready opinion on the situation arises - is very simple. But in the end all you get - it's a feeling of helplessness and lack of control over their own lives. Do what you think is right, even if others do not agree with you, but in the end you can make a mistake.

Make decisions, considering their own, listen to the advice of those who wish you well, but be the deciding vote in any dispute that determines your destiny. You are experienced, competent and strong enough to independently manage their time, money and emotions.

8. Learn to be happy here and now

Wait, what is about to come a better life, the problems go away by themselves, and changes will occur magically, you can endlessly. Learn to be happy and grateful for everything that is happening to you right now, and find the strength to change what you do not like. Time slips away, and good and bad - it is only an illusion of consciousness, which can also be controlled.

Remember that you can not fix it, and cease to pursue what has not yet happened. Begin to live the present moment, to analyze the state in which you reside and the opportunities that already exist.