Through thorns to the stars: how to deal with the difficulties on the way to his dream

Through thorns to the stars: how to deal with the difficulties on the way to his dream

to start life with a clean slate - an ambitious project, tied to a number of difficulties and natural experiences. No matter what you're doing, whether its work for the sake of travel throw, change the scope of activities, decides to turn a hobby into a matter of life or committing any other serious step, there is always a chance of failure. But if life consisted only of failure, it would not be around us so many successful and happy people whose examples inspire and stimulate. We decided to deal with those difficulties may encounter people on the way to his dream and figured out how to deal with them.

1. You can constantly fearful

One of the biggest problems at the beginning of any path - a way out of their comfort zone. Fear of change - it's the first thing that you can deploy when you decided to follow his dream. At this point in the consciousness of justification and there are numerous ways to talk yourself out of the planned global project. But despite the fact that the first step is always very difficult, and doubts will be present to a greater or lesser extent, there is nothing that does not kill the dream as unproductive waiting.

Life - is a big experiment, and if you treat it that way, everything becomes a little easier.

You just need to remember that if you have something does not work, you can always try again. Even in case of failure, you have the opportunity to learn about yourself something that you were not aware of before, and to strive for excellence.

2. Finance will miss

Starting a business of your dreams, you need to clearly plan their finances, no matter what is your dream: a year of travel, a new career in an unexpected field - it does not matter. Budget is often a reason for the postponement of plans on the back burner or discouraging failures, as the importance of its many underestimate. If you are going to radically change the scope of activities or lifestyle, then be prepared for the fact that money is not enough, and therefore will have to reconsider their spending and to consider a backup plan. If it's a new career, then you should not go to work without having absolutely no financial cover. Not to give up the dream in this situation, it is necessary to consider part-time work, bringing money, or do you find your dream job in the early stages, where you can gain experience and move on to the implementation of the conceived and still make money.

3. It is necessary to give up what you love

Through thorns to the stars: how to deal with the difficulties on the way to his dream

Of course, what you've always wanted to bring fun, energy and self-realization, but on the way to a dream, sometimes you have to give up something no less important. For someone following a dream is accompanied by a concentration of stress and constant fatigue, which in turn interferes with spending time with friends or loved ones as before, but someone has to sacrifice their favorite hobbies and pursuits, to devote himself to a new job. But there are also cases where a dream job - it is passion, in this situation you have to sacrifice time and stability to develop a favorite activity to the level of a successful career.

In any case, you must remember that your time is entirely up to you and you can decide how best to organize. Many successful people have sacrificed everything for the sake of what dreamed. To better understand this question it is necessary to identify their priorities. If you do the things you really want, it is always possible to find the time, we need only estimate how many of the most time you spend in vain.

4. The ups and downs will occur continuously

"What would you do if you knew that failure does not exist?" - inspirational quotes for those who are very serious about the possibility of collapse. There is always the likelihood that things will go wrong, and the failure of even a small scale can cause pain. But the only thing you can do in this situation - is to go on. What seems heavy now, sooner or later will become a past stage.

Experiencing difficulties and experiencing failure, it is best to visualize the result you want to achieve, bearing in mind, for what you do have begun this difficult path.

The psychological trick that you can use in this situation - to remember someone who you consider successful and imagine how this man behaved in your situation. To avoid becoming a victim of the inevitable everyday stress, focus on the positive and on the realization that you have risked everything to get what you want. Then the possible failure will be a natural step in your way, and the greater the number of drops you have overcome, the easier it will be to start something new and to learn from their mistakes.

5. You will have to bear the responsibility for all the good and bad

In a situation when things do not go according to plan, a natural reaction - to blame circumstances or other people in your failures, but in this case, you are depriving themselves of the opportunity to grow. Responsibility for their own actions can not only be a heavy burden, but also a way to get rid of the circumstances. You decide what you do and how to fix what happened. Try not to focus on what you did wrong and how it can be changed for the benefit of themselves. The main thing to remember is that if you have done all that was required of you in this situation, the mistakes and successes will be your allies, not a cause of frustration.

6. You will feel lonely

Through thorns to the stars: how to deal with the difficulties on the way to his dream

to abandon the usual life in order to achieve a big goal can be difficult also because many people are afraid of being alone. Even if you are surrounded by people who love you and support, they can not understand you and your actions. It is here and there is a feeling of loneliness, lack of motivation and a fertile ground for doubt. But it is worth remembering that you can rely only on themselves, which means that you yourself have to believe in what your dream is not absurd. The best thing you can do to avoid the discomfort and regain the necessary self-confidence - is to surround yourself with people whose way of life is similar to yours. You can find friends, pursuing the goal in the same field as you are to be able to be inspired by example, or to follow the development of events as if from the outside. Even if you are confident enough in its success, you will still find among these people a sufficient number of people who understand you, your desires and dreams, and this is very important.

Another important point related to loneliness - a distancing from the people who are close to you, but the goals do not coincide with yours.

In this situation, you must be aware of the fact that, despite the fact that to achieve its goal - it's just wonderful, your dream - it is not always the only thing that matters in life. It is worth remembering loved ones who are experiencing difficulties in communicating with you, whether it be friends, family or loved ones.

7. Sometimes the control of the situation will have to lose

It may happen that your dream does not live up to expectations in the end, and should be able to find the strength to accept it. Your responsibility is to follow your heart, do their utmost to implement the planned, but the way things might get is not always up to you, so you must be prepared for the fact that you have to lose control and possibly start all over again. The best thing you can do to overcome the fear of failure - is to succumb to the flow, and remember to enjoy the process, because the distance traveled is important not less than the goal itself, and the knowledge you have received during this time, may be useful in order to fix or rethink its purpose as such.

8. In the end, you will understand what it means to the satisfaction of

Despite all the circumstances that you may encounter while driving to his dream, give up everything that does not meet and work on the implementation of the dream in 100% worth it. Overcoming difficulties, you become stronger and reach the desired, you have the opportunity to finally learn what it means to real satisfaction. Fulfilling the dreams of such a difficult way, you begin to appreciate their strengths and realize the significance of the concept of "doing things you love." A feeling of fullness and the adoption of their own desire to change the outlook on life and justifies all the failures that you have ever experienced.