8 failures that move your life forward

Failures have to have a very strong psychological effect. From the fact that someone is inspired, he accepts the challenge and put more effort to the point that someone's dreams are broken down quickly, bringing despair and new blocks. We already wrote about how to properly take their mistakes, but this time talking about what failure really is not failure, but signs that you are moving forward.

1. Lack of courage

8 failures that move your life forward

Starting something new or making ourselves get out of your comfort zone, you can experience everything, everything, from the trembling hands and finishing gastric emptying, but not self-confidence and courage. Psychologists say that it is not worried before an important occasion only a mentally ill person who just physically can not assess the situation. But as soon as everything behind, you begin to experience relief, after which comes confidence, inspiration and motivation to move forward. On this basis, it should be remembered that the lack of courage in the face of important events does not mean that you are weak in general. The fact that you are doing something that makes you worry, confirms that you - people who tend to be afraid of, but who does not give in to difficulties.

2. Criticism of the authorities

Criticism of everyone perceives in his own way, but most people tend to get upset or even fall into depression, thinking that the criticism - a demonstration of the drawbacks. But in fact, the criticism from someone who is more successful and better than you do in a particular case, especially at work, means that criticism is not all the same, whether you continue to work and be who you are. He spends his time trying to teach you a lesson, and the board is hidden under the constructive criticism of your shortcomings, how to do better. Use this opportunity, do not take notes higher people close to my heart, be more rational.

3. Depression and anxiety

Recognizing that you are in need of psychological help, you automatically become stronger because to admit to myself and to others that you need help - an act for the commission of which need courage.

Do not take your problem as leprosy, use your awareness as an opportunity to heal and get better, move forward and prevent it from returning in the future.

At the end of the day we are all people who need support and struggling with his thoughts and doubts. Allow yourself to be, and do not ignore the signals that give you your body and mind.

4. The loss of friends

The loss of old friends - not always a negative experience. You get older, you have the new interests, life is constantly changing. It is only natural that people will change each other on your life path. I do not think that friendship was initially a failure or not worth your time because the place of your former friend came new. Also, do not think that you have lost friends, because they themselves are a bad person (unless you did something that made your friends turn away from you). If the need is missing in the old ways, move to new, with no regrets and feelings of failure.

5. Error

8 failures that move your life forward

has made a mistake and, most importantly, knowing they were wrong, you may experience sadness, rage, frustration and begin to blame themselves for such a failure. But apologizing for their actions, you start the process of healing, which may not save your relationship or not return your life back on track, but it certainly will prove that you are willing to change, and that you have enough awareness to come to a correct decision in his life.

6. The uncertainty at work

Uncertainty of the success on the job does not always mean failure. Most often, it is a sign that you are at an intermediate level, where you are no longer a beginner, which means more responsibility, but not yet fully proven their professionalism. Whatever it was, this situation shows that you are struggling with a zone of comfort and are ready to rise above the average level at which the majority of workers stuck. That feeling that your job has become more difficult, means that it's time to grow. You decide whether to accept the challenge and overcome difficulty, or stay where you are now.

7. The loneliness in a new place

Almost all people like to travel, but not everyone would be able to dare and to move to a new city or even the country, to start life anew. In such courage is always a reverse, it is the human side, which is called loneliness. You are away from home, taken out of the usual context of life, as long as you do not, everything continues to run its course, but that's just you have not quite got used to really start living. Do not worry, with time all the things that you think the "other" becomes "their", because people get used to very quickly.

Do not take the feeling of loneliness as weakness or failure in your plan to leave home.

Communicate with friends and family, but better start making new acquaintances.

8. Lack of skills

Start something new is much better than doing nothing stable. But with the new emotions come and new knowledge and skills, of course, not immediately. Starting to do something, you can face the fact that you can not or do not get as good as you had hoped. Do not take this as a direct failure than a master and a sign that you need to return to their boring jobs. Keep trying and do not give up, because in most cases, even the talent demands that he perfected. Perfect in every day and do not quit half way - is it possible that you do not know where to apply, will help you find the job of their dreams.