7 habits to help you easily make friends

For 15 minutes until we go to the taxi, my guy has time to figure out how much the driver earns as much time behind the wheel and in which service more profitable to just settle. It should take it with you to the event to work - and he learns from witnesses more than I with his five-year journalism education. While I was fumbling with the phone navigator, he had questioned a passer-by the way, I helped a stranger guy to start the car and arranged to have a beer in the weekend with them.

People like it, and in 25 years, making friends is as natural as the first 5 years of life. This is not a talent, a certain set of qualities. According to clinical psychologist Melissa Robinson-Brown, there are several similarities in the sociable people, for example, they like to take risks and not afraid to be vulnerable. Here are a few habits of those who made friends easily.

1. They are good to yourself

7 habits to help you easily make friends

The first person with whom you have to find a common language - you yourself. Outgoing people tend to be confident, know what they want, and do not hesitate to ask for it.

To become such a person, we really need to notice how we talk to ourselves, first of all, - said the therapist Kati Morton. - Your internal dialogue is positive? How do you most often to treat yourself - good or critical? If this second option will have to revise their self-esteem.

Remember, when you buy a new pair of shoes, to spend the weekend with your favorite TV series, drink a glass of wine at dinner or read our articles - you help yourself to love this world. It takes a little attention to your happiness and you will start to positively perceive others.

2. From the moment of

Sociable people are not afraid to be here and now. To sit in the queue to go on the bus or stand in a noisy crowd, they do not need to be closed by the phone world. Be next to a stranger for them - the ability to establish new relationships, not awkward situation.

3. Talk to new people as if already familiar

7 habits to help you easily make friends

There is no better way to "be perceived as a friend" rather than refer to a new person as if you are already familiar. Sociable people make others feel comfortable. How to do it? Be the best of frank and spontaneous, but not pushed to familiarity.

Do not be afraid to seem silly, obsessive or some else. If a person does not want to communicate, you just go on. He did not give a signal to other inhabitants of the planet, it is better not to mess with you. And the "loser" sign is displayed on your forehead.

4. Do not afraid to ask questions

Those who have a lot of friends, curious by nature. They are genuinely interested in the person and are actively looking for something to do. Each one of us likes to talk about themselves, so attention from the always captivating.

Often the problem is not that you do not interesting, but the fact that you're embarrassed to ask a stranger.

5. They like to try new

7 habits to help you easily make friends

Outgoing people are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone. It's easy to go to a concert or to the theater without the company, they have no complexes have lunch in the cafe alone. To make friends as an adult, it is important to be open to new experiences. Join the tour group and go on a river rafting, sign up for dancing, look for those who will share your hobbies.

6. Often smiling

What we often forget: it is important not only what you say, but how. People who smile a lot, others seem more attractive and friendly. Sometimes a smile - that's all you need to start dating. Do not forget about non-verbal cues that are unconsciously responding every one of us. The lack of a smile - one of the errors in communication, about which I have already told you.

7. They actually want to find new friends

7 habits to help you easily make friends

To make friends with someone, you do not have a certain type of person. Suffice conscious desires. An adult can be difficult to admit that he lacks friends, but there is nothing strange or shameful.

If you zavedesh at least a few of these habits, you will understand that finding new friends is much easier than it seems.