7 signs that you have time to look for a new job

Dislike of his work - the problem is urgent and extremely difficult. From a lack of inspiration to the present depression - hateful work can harm not only the mind but also physical health, comfortable coexistence of people close to you and, of course, your own happiness and motivation. Despite the fact that many people are suffering because of problems at work, few people may decide to change or recognize what was going on. We decided to do it for you, picking up 7 alarm, indicating that the time for you to find a new job.

1. When the body says "no"

7 signs that you have time to look for a new job

The stress can have on your body and mind a significant impact, and it is absolutely imperceptible at first sight. The work from which you are constantly tired, can cause permanent back pain, recurrent sleep problems and stomach upset. In addition to the physiological characteristics, there are also emotional - you are constantly thinking about work, and thus become more irritable. Due to the fact that you are experiencing the same problem for a long time, it becomes a monumental, and in the end you come to the conclusion: "I hate my job."

If you occasionally experience stress from their work - this is a signal that it was time to leave.

2. When you get bored

To be an expert in their work and know everything about the company where you work now that the year - great, because you are certain that your experience is valued by employees and new candidates are asking for your advice. But there are other situations in which you feel the boredom, pointlessness, or lack of recognition of you as a valuable employee. This problem may occur due to the fact that you went to work not in the industry that you are interested in, and it's time to get away and start learning something new. Mastering new skills directly related to the sense of inspiration and happiness and, therefore, your frustration at the old work will soon be left behind.

3. If you are depressed

If every day to work for you - it is torture, and the mood is constantly changing from irritability to indifference, then most likely your job drives you into depression. Days become monotonous and is equally unbearable, and on weekends you can not relax, because everything else you can think of - is that on Monday again to work. Many people may feel a reluctance to go to work on Monday after a tumultuous weekend, and it is quite normal, but to think about what it would be much better if the work you to go did not have - a clear signal that you are in the wrong place .

4. When you become still

7 signs that you have time to look for a new job

No one can be kept 100% effective interest. Even if you have the motivation to do their job, take a break from time to time - this is normal. Moreover, statistics show that for every 52 minutes of active work must break of 17 minutes to improve productivity. If you think about how to quickly finish their duties or do the minimum amount of work, if only you had not been fired, it means that you simply do not care what you do in a particular company. Perhaps you need a little rest, but most likely, it's time to change jobs.

5. When you do not respect their bosses

You may not agree with your supervisor, in most cases, but the fact that you recognize the work that he does, means that you are in the right place, and it's not in vain. If you caught yourself thinking that the actions of your boss contrary to common sense, or whether you do not believe that at this rate the company will come to the desired result, not to mention the fact that your daily relationship with the chief began to go beyond the limits of decency, then time for you to think about that, you may be wasting your time in vain.

6. If the financial stability of the company is in question

If you're in the middle "of a dying company" should begin to take active steps to provide themselves with employment in the near future, rather than with the sinking ship sink to the bottom, constantly complaining about the wages, lack of inspiration, motivation and sense in what are you doing.

Even if the company's business is not so bad, in any case, the company, whose financial situation is very unstable, probably think about how to start saving, and in this case, the first thing that will suffer is your salary.

7. If you feel undervalued

You've worked on a project that will not only bring profits, but also improve the position of the company as a whole, but the authorities did not appreciate your services. Or you take a large number of important tasks that do not get a decent pay or promotion. This situation is not always says that you have to run. Sometimes bosses requirements may be very high, or you do not find the courage to talk about their rights and privileges for extracurricular or very significant for the future work of the company. Understand that you can correct. Talk to your boss. But if you understand that managing the composition of unfair treatment does not change and is not going to change things, you'd better start looking for a new boss.