What career make mistakes even smart women

Mistakes is very easy to career issues - from which nobody is safe, especially in the beginning. All people need financial stability and the opportunity to have personal time in abundance. Very often, you can ruin your career prospects, based on factors such as money, comfort, prestige and expectations. In order to build a career of their dreams, need courage and ability to adapt to circumstances. We decided to look at what mistakes allow even sensible and talented women and girls, choosing and building their careers.

1. You listen to others

What career make mistakes even smart women

Many of us are faced with the expectations expressed by parents, friends or mentors to our future career. But following their instructions, you are more likely to bring down from his own path. Work in the field that you are not interested, but is well respected among your surroundings - this is the first and biggest mistake you can avoid even being sensible and talented.

What to do:

Engage your career planning independently, analyzing and writing a list of your professional and personal qualities, as well as the fundamental interests and priorities. Do not give up on tips, but remember that the decision for you, so politely refuse if the offer or interference separates you from what you want is you.

2. You are used to the comforts of

A job that suits you, helping to cover the bills and lead a normal life - it is a dream, only it was not so until then, until you grow professionally. In adulthood, change jobs more difficult than in the young, but despite this, young girls often linger in one place just because accustomed to comfort. They were all happy, and it makes them close their eyes whenever the inner sense tells you that there is nothing new here, they will not open. What:

In career matters just need to trust your instincts. If you feel that progress or self-development does not take place, it is time to think about changing jobs. If you are just starting their career path, the career change will be much easier. You can always enlist someone's support in financial matters, meanwhile pursuing a forward-looking stance, which will help you grow as a person and make more money. Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

3. You are grasping desperately for a job that you are not interested

Financial difficulties can put any face a difficult choice: to take up a job that makes money, but does not bring pleasure, or continue searching for dream job. But despite the fact that the money is needed for life, grasping for any job completely irrational, as occupation, to which you do not care, will not benefit and will only lead to stress and frustration.


If you need money, and just turned up a job that fits the description above, grasp it, but set yourself a deadline until which you must earn a certain amount, be able to save the money for the future, and then immediately taken for seeking employment, which It will not only generate revenue, but also to make a difference for you. Use working time to think about your goals and how to achieve them. If you stay at a job that you are not interested, or more, that you hate, then you will be delighted not make money, but only will ruin their opportunities and wasted time.

4. Do you follow someone else's plan,

What career make mistakes even smart women

Inspired by the success of other women, you can decide what you want is a life and a job, and after will achieve their goals, using someone else's plan. But that idea is doomed to failure, as a success story at everyone, and ups and downs of individual. You may not be aware of what is actually dreaming this or that person, whose career you admire. That is why, trying to copy his way of life, you lose your.


Learn from the mistakes of others and to be inspired by the success - it's wonderful. But above all, you must understand what it is you want out of life and work. Where should eventually lead you to your career. Decide what area you want to be successful, build your own plan, taking into account only your individual characteristics, fears and risks. Take it from successful individuals only the best, learn from them the strength and endurance, inspired by the ideas of what you can achieve all your own, but do not copy their actions.

5. Do you allow fear to guide your choice of

"I can not work here, because I am not qualified," "There take only experienced", "I am pleased that there is now" - these phrases are indicators of fear is not so much to new opportunities (for an objective we all want a better life) much going to have to get out of your comfort zone. Rely on the belief that you do not take on a job that you liked, you can only if you really know what to work at this point you need new knowledge. What:

Deciding what area would you like to realize themselves, start to develop. The more knowledge you get, the more you can offer the employer, and the more he will be able to offer you. Working in related fields to gain experience. Try, even if worried that you will be denied. It often happens that the requirements in the job description is too exaggerated, but it turns out in practice that you will shoulder the duties, or you do realize that nothing so worried, because you can find the work better than this.