How to stop wasting money and start saving

In today's world it is very difficult to save, since there are too many opportunities to spend money, and not always for the benefit of themselves. More often than not the money runs out quickly from buying expensive things, but from the wrong distribution. We decided to find out how best to save and that a large amount of money goes more often.

1. On the food out

How to stop wasting money and start saving

According to statistics, 70% of women confirmed that spend money on something to eat outside the home. This is not surprising, given the schedule of modern humans. Snack at work, at lunch during work break, cafe after work. Not to spend a lot of money to receive food away from home, you need to revise your schedule. If you plan to dine at home, we restrict ourselves to breakfast and lunch in a public place, besides a lot cheaper lunch than dinner, so it's better to have breakfast and dinner at home. If you want to save as much money, it is best to prepare lunch at home and take it with you. There are plenty of recipes for delicious, healthy and most importantly, simple recipes that you can realize.

2. On the discarded products

Due to the fact that you often prefer to eat in the cafe than at home, something from the food that you buy may be damaged. Stop to throw out the food - it's a great way to save money. All you need to do is to plan your menu for the week ahead.

menu planning will not only help you solve a problem that would have to cook, but also shows how much you actually spend and what products you really need.

Something can be frozen, but do not throw away, for example, and cook later. Also, visiting shops, it is necessary to remember a shopping list and not be distracted by all the things that may be in your cart. If you spend money for you - the problem, then consider online shopping. In this case, it will be easier to control himself, and the price of the delivery is not as great, than anything that can be lightly and is not planned to buy.

3. On the new credit card

Credit cards today are not as popular as a few years ago, despite the fact that people are aware of, in which debts they fall because of paying regular interest. If you need to map is still there, it is best to pay off the debt as soon as possible by paying the amount above the minimum, and the best as much as possible to pay off the debt sooner, and not be held hostage percent.

4. alcohol

How to stop wasting money and start saving

Alcohol - the product is not cheap, especially if you buy it in restaurants, cafes or bars. If you really want to save money, but came to have a drink at the bar, try to stick to one glass a night. And the best way to invest in a small home bar, so you will always be, what to drink, and the money will go much lower.

5. On the internet shopping

Buy goods on the Internet today is much more convenient and easier than in shops, paying only the cost, but there are a number of ways in addition to online stores to spend money on the network. If you want to save, it is better to refrain from paid video channels, games and software updates, you do not need. Do not buy the application or extension as long as you are sure that you need the free version of the program on the Internet does not.

6. On the entertainment and expensive hobbies

If you need in a short time to accumulate a certain amount of money, you have to skimp on that brings joy. Expensive entertainment require impressive investments, but in the process you do not notice.

If you decide to organize a special evening for yourself, think about how you could have fun without spending a fortune.

The same can be said about your hobbies. You have to sacrifice expensive fitness club and do fitness at home, stop going for courses, and download video lessons and tutorials. Of course, all of these are useful and fun are the best way to invest in yourself, but not always that expensive - it is high quality. Be attentive to what you give money, and there are no possibilities to avoid these expenses, if you want to save.

7. clothes

How to stop wasting money and start saving

Buying clothes is often fun, but not a necessity. The desire to follow the latest trends or just mindless wandering around hoping to shop to look something beautiful - this scenario is familiar to all. If you want to save the money for something more important than the clothes, then limit your shopping only necessary, but if you want to have fun, then watch stocks and sales, it is often possible to find great things without spending a lot of money.

8. On the mobile operators

Have you ever noticed how much money is spent on phone calls, and whether it is possible to reduce such spending? Internet calls, the use of instant messengers, or simply more loyal to your budget payment plan can save the situation and help you save on mobile communication and Internet use.