Office drama: how to avoid becoming a victim of "harassment" at work

Office drama: how to avoid becoming a victim of

Office team, which employs a smart, intelligent people who are ready to develop, improve their skills and to support the success of their colleagues - is the dream of every employee, both experienced and novice. In the end, the working environment - this is a separate type of family relationship, which, of course, I want to feel accepted, loved and irreplaceable. But, unfortunately, the reality does not always meet expectations, and, perhaps, everyone can face the aggressive atmosphere in the workplace.

The new employee can experience "harassment" by more experienced colleagues who have formed relationships and its own microclimate. Regardless of gender and status, the problem of the dramatic relationships in the office can not only lead to loss of jobs, but also to a sharp personal conflict. We decided to find out with how to behave if the aggressive atmosphere prevails.

1. Do not interfere

If your colleagues tend to discuss other employees or to gossip about the life of the chief, and you do not wish to seek common position in this manner, it is necessary to mark the boundaries of their comfort and to stay away from such conversations. Just tell me that you are not interested in gossip and participate in the office dramas. It is not necessary to feed this kind of talk and some way to respond to this situation, if you want to beat you to a party scandal. Sooner or later, talkative colleagues leave you alone, as will realize that they do not get their.

2. Respect your employees

Regardless of how you feel in relation to their colleagues or superiors, it is necessary to respect them when you are near. Maybe your behavior is a little strange, or your dislike of the employee will be obvious to him and others, but try to treat it as well as others, showing proper manners, especially if you often enter into communication. You can not let him in the "inner circle" created between you and other members of staff, but to show their dissatisfaction with the public - a sign of bad upbringing, which may provoke a conflict.

3. Think about your reputation

Office drama: how to avoid becoming a victim of

Even if the conversation in the company of colleagues looks completely innocent, and the views expressed by you in a fit of universal excitement, can be very useful, remember that your reputation - it is what makes your work in general can be evaluated by someone who I did better than you. It is not necessary to show their emotions, even if you are the subject of inappropriate behavior at work, as it was at this point rage, resentment or audacity can not expose you to the best hand, speaking professionally. It is necessary to protect themselves from anything that might call into question your professionalism and qualifications.

4. Document

If you are in a situation more serious conflict than gossip - such as discrimination, harassment or even violence in the working environment, such things require your full attention and presence of any means of documented evidence of the incident. If you are going to complain about inappropriate behavior at work, such data you need. At best, you remove them after they leave.

5. Remember why you're here

At the end of each working day should remind ourselves what led you to this company and what benefits you should be getting off work as a whole. Salary, work performed, intellectual and professional growth, encouraging your initiative and creativity. Of course, it is difficult not to be distracted by what is happening around you, but if you have pinpointed your prospects, you do not have to scare aggressive counterparts.

Define your goal and focus. Demand respect for themselves, but also they behave accordingly. Use the time to get the job done as efficiently as possible and do not waste yourself on empty discussions. In addition, if your boss sees that you behave like an adult and do quality work and fast, it will not go unnoticed, and in this situation you will have more chances to get a raise.