8 signs that you love yourself

Love yourself and provide yourself enough worries - it's not selfishness, and common sense, which helps to observe and obtain the desired balance. You can be the most caring, loving and selfless person, but always forget about their feelings and needs. This leads to the fact that your self-esteem begins to depend on external factors and from other people, and as a result, you will not only be happy, but also to maintain good relations with others. We have listed the 8 signs that you are in good relations especially with myself, and explained why it is necessary for those who want to be happy in life and relationships.

1. Do you use social networks to share and not to show off

8 signs that you love yourself

There is a difference between those that talk about the pleasant moments of their lives, while being in harmony with themselves, and spread in an infinite number of photos of the network, only to have someone see that you have a life, and you are no worse others. Use the Internet to show off or to gain acceptance - is stupid and will not bring you any emotion. On the contrary, comparing yourself with others, trying to win the race for prosperity, you bring yourself more damage and, moreover, are just wasting their time. If something is really important and has value, it is not necessary to put it on display, simply enjoy it.

Next time, before you post photos online, consider your motives. If you want to remember something, or share with your friends - act, but if you want your ex-boyfriend or someone to whom you are jealous, pay attention to you, it is better to stop and think about dignity.

2. You take care of yourself

When you love somebody, your natural need and joy it becomes a concern about that person. You cook, do it surprises and compliments, support and give advice when it is needed. But here for ourselves, we can be far from being so careful, as you know. In order to maintain a good relationship with yourself, need care, whatever that may mean: get enough sleep, do not forget about lunch, cure diseases, to please yourself and be able to forgive yourself mistakes.

In order to increase the love and care about yourself, at least once a week to do something special, even if it will not be expensive or even be something that does not require material expenditures. Bath, facial mask, new shoes, your favorite movies, favorite dish at your favorite café - voe, anything to feel better without any reasons.

3. Are you open about sex

People who are not ashamed of his body and needs, sometimes have difficulty in sex, emancipation and diversity. If you love yourself and want to disclose their sexuality, then you are on the right track, exactly the same as if you are aware that sex can not be for you as important as the other, and that's fine. Importantly, do not seek to remake himself, to like someone, but do not forget about elementary hygiene, health and, of course, that the desire for sex should be mutual.

To be more sexually open, you need to figure out what their desires and to understand what suits you and what does not, and then boldly follow their beliefs, no matter what they think surrounding.

4. You always put yourself in the priority

To put themselves in a priority - it is not selfish, and common sense. This behavior creates a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Remember that the truth of life lies in the fact that no one can take care of you better than you know yourself. Even if you do not feel a lack of attention and love, remember that only you are responsible for ensuring that you have always been good. Otherwise, you will suffer from the fact that constantly shift the responsibility for themselves and their emotions on others. It is necessary to strike a balance between caring for others and love for myself, if you want to have remained the strength and energy on something to keep any relationship.

To see how well you take care of yourself, look at your relationships with loved ones and understand in what moments you sacrifice your time, good luck, health and many others. Having determined this, start to adjust the balance, even if it takes less time to devote to the usual business and people and dedicate it to yourself.

5. Keep track of your finances

8 signs that you love yourself

The independence and financial stability - this is the first sign that you love yourself and put their needs in priority. Before you support someone else, learn to support themselves and allocate their own money wisely. You should also understand that you will also earn them. Do everything for the development and execution of goals, do not rely on someone else's help, but do not reject it, especially if it is needed. Remember that you need to take care of themselves, not only emotionally, but also financially, so intelligently allocate how much money should be spent and on what.

6. You are good with others

Only a person who is happy and pleased with himself, can give something good to others. If you are kind, open and friendly - so you take care of that I had peace in my soul. You satisfy their needs and know how to cope with difficulties, which is why you do not expect anything from others, do not depend on their views and behavior, do not worry about nothing. With people who know how to love yourself, it is very easy to communicate - they inspire and instill confidence.

Even if someone does something negative in your direction, you are confident enough to figure out whether or not someone is telling you the right thing or the other person just gets rid of their negative emotions and nurtures his weakness and low self-esteem .

7. Do you know how to work on a

To be sure - it's great, but that overconfidence may cause harm to you and your environment. If you're not emotionally literate, to admit their mistakes and find ways to correct them, then you will be very difficult not only to communicate with other people, but also to enjoy life. But be aware of their mistakes also need to be able to. You should not blame themselves, since it is a sign of weakness. Admit that a confession seriously, carry the responsibility for their mistakes and negative aspects, while keeping in mind that everything in your hands and is never too late to fix it. Make a list of traits that you yourself do not like being very honest with you, and then think about what makes you continue to cultivate them, and how to get rid of them.

8. You do not depend on the opinion of others

If you give yourself enough time and trust your feelings, the promotion of other people should not go to the basis of your self-esteem. You must understand the difference between the situation in which you want to listen to what others say, and a situation where all of your thoughts and actions are suffering constant fluctuations, because of other people's opinions more important to you of your own.

You will not be upset by what you someone does not like you, because you realize that you need to be happy and what people should let into your life.