Guide to activism for beginners: how to benefit themselves and society

Activism shows the extent of human readiness to participate in society and solving important problems objectively. Stereotypes associated with this concept, do not give most people start making significant changes both in private and in public life. If you do not care about any problem, of which a great many today, or you do not want to be unfounded in its aspirations to benefit society, it is time to think about what actions should take to make a difference in the world in which we we live. Not to harm themselves and others and really get results, you must be consistent and rational approach, not only to the words and actions, but also to the formation of their ideas. We decided to deal with the way each of us can become more active citizens and what to do if you have previously activism was only expressing their opinions on the Internet for you.

1. Find a problem to which you do not care about

Guide to activism for beginners: how to benefit themselves and society

When it comes to activism, it is not necessary immediately to build barricades, because before to express their ideas and to defend it actively, it is necessary to decide this very idea. That is why the first step that will help you get closer to activism - a search for a problem that really excites you. Whether it's helping the poor, the protection of animals or feminism, not to become a blind follower of the majority, make sure that you understand and, more importantly, really empathize with what is happening. Namely the fact that the problem will apply to you and will prochuvstvovaniyu at the individual level, will help you start to understand the activism and make the right first step.

2. Follow the news

Finding the problem is most interested in your inner activist, begin to monitor developments in this area. Keep track of all the latest news, read analytical articles, search for information, if you know that your knowledge of what is happening is not enough for the construction of the representation, the formation of arguments and, most importantly, action. Use keywords to quickly find the information you need, subscribe to newsletters in thematic publications, use the Internet, to be in communities, stay informed and share their opinions.

3. Proceed locally

Guide to activism for beginners: how to benefit themselves and society

Before you go to the international level of activism, start with local problems. Very often it helps to understand what is activism, and open their eyes to the problem, next to which you have lived all this time, not noticing anything just because they are less global, than those being talked about on the Internet.

Find information about local communities, promotions and how you can become part of this movement. If you want to help animals, probably in your town have shelters or sanctuaries, which now need your help.

4. Share information

Starting any activism at the local level, continue to the next step - the dissemination of information. Start a blog or even your own website, or go to a public page account Instagrame, today there are many ways to raise awareness of people about any important issue. Talk about what is happening, what actions are being taken and what results you achieved. So your subscribers will be able to receive relevant information and may begin to support you.

5. Make a donation

Guide to activism for beginners: how to benefit themselves and society

Donations - one of the simplest forms of activism. You can make a material contribution to the solution of an important issue is at all, and it can be done not only on the street, but also more formal, if you want to know exactly where your money is coming. If you do not trust the places fundraising that offer local organizations, setting the appropriate boxes on the streets, shops and cafes, find the official website of the movement and get the accurate information about the aims and means of this action. In addition to local charity events that often cause doubt in people who have a more global funds, known at the global level, more than a year engaged in animal rescue, refugees, people in Africa and other underdeveloped countries. You can always make a contribution to such an event.

6. Change the way of life

If you want to keep you interesting movement not only in words, the most correct and most useful thing you can do - is to change your lifestyle. If you're fighting for the environment, it is time to abandon the excessive consumption of water, paper and begin to sort the trash and look for ways to recycle materials. It would also be logical to abandon the unreasonable use of aerosols, plastic and other synthetic materials.

If you are worried about animals, turn to your way of life care for those who need help. Same thing with feminism or any other social movement - corresponds to their views, not only in words. Does not necessarily aim to change the world, it is far more value you bring, making a small, but necessary actions, rather than shouting slogans.

7. Join or maintain

Guide to activism for beginners: how to benefit themselves and society

Surely in your city there are organizations that are engaged in social change at the local level. If you support their ideas or concerns that they raise, that you feel are important, the most logical thing you can do - is to support them or join them. Surely they need volunteers, donations, distribution of information on the website, new ideas.

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In order to have an idea of ​​what is happening on issues that you care about, or just to understand what they live and are interested in people who are moving from words to action, you must at least occasionally attend events dedicated to the discussion and resolution of these issues . Your presence in the significant event even city level is already talking about engagement and nebazrazlichii more than the idea expressed in the social networks.