To get into the network: how the Internet is changing lives for the worse

The Internet has changed our lives dramatically. Today, in the network, each user can find something for himself, but he who does not know where to turn, can use the search engine. A huge amount of information, new features, tools and instruments to improve the lives and consciousness and his personality are available to all. But despite the fact that the internet - of course, one of the most spectacular achievements of the world of technology, his presence in our lives has a negative outcome. We decided to deal with the fact that in modern life has deteriorated because of the widespread use of the network.


To get into the network: how the Internet is changing lives for the worse

Despite the fact that the printed newspaper has not sunk into oblivion, the main source of information today, and for some the only - this is the internet. Prints hasten progress and publish information online, and thus, relevance and freshness of the events described do not live more than a day. To keep up with mobile users, journalists have to dig and produce a large amount of information per day, which is not always leave time and space for a detailed study of the subject, checking the objectivity and veracity of the content. In other words, the new conditions of life associated with the tight integration of the Internet into it, affected the quality and authenticity of what we find in it.

The ability to think

In a world where people are constantly exchanging information, and the Internet appears as a large number of ideas, opinions and arguments, that user is still less of a need to make sense of this or that information, compare it with their ideals and values, and in the cases of young people and all there is no need to have your opinion, because you can always use something that has gained more and more followers. Due to the fact that the Internet - is a free platform for any "thinker", people have less and less pay attention to what they are thinking and feeling, trying to quench your boredom, flipping through the RSS feed.


Due to the large amount of pornography on the Internet, in which the observed trends and their variety, a large number of young people is growing with completely new and often unrealistic expectations from the sex. In today's world the theme of sex education is much easier to deal with due to the absence of a strong moral pressure, but because of the fact that information can always be found in the two accounts, the need to acquire knowledge more rational way does not arise. Not to mention the quality of content.

we do not notice in the pursuit of virality the impact on users' minds and therefore their sex life and mental health.


Due to cultural memes, the concept of humor and that can really saturate the minds of men, has changed significantly. Joke and create caricatures of contemporary reality can now each and, in fact, very little of what you can find on the Internet, may surprise. Apart from the fact that the jokes began to appear in the form of memes, they became more acute content, sarcastic at best, and at worst - dumber. Now, to laugh Internet user, it is sufficient to show a ridiculous image, and sometimes even offensive to others.


A large number of deyting services brought the very psychology of the relationship to the partner and yourself to the next level. Profile in social networks - the same clothes, on which we meet, but escorted to the mind is necessary not always. Huskies, download and subscribe to similar Public - now a new search formula for its second half. People are so much easier to do it with a virtual interlocutor, rather than in life. But, of course, nothing wrong with the fact that we communicate online, no, because life has changed, and convenience dictates new rules, but the way the Internet makes people feel a little scary. Due to the fact that online reputation, traffic and followers are important, users lose their sense of reality and the fact that it is really important, trying to imitate, jealous or just aimlessly wasting time, watching the pages more and more new people.

Personal opinion

To get into the network: how the Internet is changing lives for the worse

Modern user must be responsible for every word, post or idea expressed on the Internet. It deprives people of the opportunity to freely express their views, as because it can get into trouble. Now, to change his point of view it is much more difficult, because there is plenty of evidence of "old me" in the history of communications and publications. Not to mention the fact that too much flow of information and misleading facts does not give users think freely and to use this opportunity in real life.


Despite the fact that the internet has given people the opportunity to stay abreast of everything that happens in the world, and politicians made it easier to conduct their programs much more productive, with great feedback from the people, the negative impact of the Internet still has. False facts, fabricated news, censorship, online harassment, threats and possession of information not made the Internet as a tool, as a weapon in the hands of politicians.


Despite the fact that thanks to the Internet it is much easier for people to develop and realize their potential, the professionalism of the concept of beginning to fade. Today, if you want to be a journalist, you can start a blog to be a musician - upload your track on VKontakte, mechanics enough to see instructional videos on YouTube, and a writer and just to be able to handle the keyboard. All this creates a huge flow of information, which is regularly released into the network. Among it is not just difficult to find something worthwhile, but also strive to be professional in their field, constantly dealing with movement and self-taught amateurs.


Back in 2000, when words such as MySpace, only started to enter the lexicon, people were much easier to be yourself, because the Internet was a way for them to express their individuality. Today, their personal and original features can be selected from the list, and the appearance of accounts must comply with the standards and the interests of advertisers, or simply those who are trying to attract users. It is very difficult to be simple, complicated and original, when the fashion "ideal" page.