6 qualities that will help to attract the attention of his superiors

Few people want to stay in the shade when it comes to career success and the associated benefits. Any girl who care about their well-being, it is essential to appreciate its head, marked gains allowed to lead the most complex projects, and colleagues considered a role model. But what if one of your colleagues is good in their field and stand hard? Sociologists in New York in conjunction with the Business Insider identified several important qualities that are important for professional success, and if you want to impress the management, they should begin to develop now.

Perseverance 1.

6 qualities that will help to attract the attention of his superiors

If you are turned down - do not give up immediately. Of course, punching the wall head is not necessary, but not so easy to stop uphold good ideas. Head of the company much more likely to prefer an employee who will not give up when faced with an obstacle, and will start looking for a new way to solve. Whether the person who will be able to find a compromise for a deal, saving as much as possible the interests of the company, and it will be marked by the authorities.

2. Initiative

If you want to be noticed - you need to surpass all expectations. Take the initiative to lead a major project or take on the most difficult client. Prepare answers to possible criticism in your address, make a short presentation, or simply write a list of reasons why it is you will be able to cope with the task. Let others understand that you will not settle for less, and are going to continue to grow and improve.

3. Reliability

6 qualities that will help to attract the attention of his superiors

Is there anything more annoying than a person who promises to do its job, but continues to postpone it indefinitely? Leaders really appreciate those who keeps his word and does what he's talking about. Do not think that this simple and ordinary quality - they have really not all. Try to strictly follow their own plans, and when asked about how much time you'll need for a specific task is not to understate the terms of fulfillment, really assessing their skills.

4. The usefulness for companies

Many people believe that if you work on an equal positions, that are competitors to each other, which means that in this struggle every man for himself. But the company's benefit only healthy competition is, as well as the ability to come to the aid of each other, if some of your skills are underdeveloped. Surely you have with colleagues completely different experience and education, which means that you can tell each other non-obvious solutions to the same problem.

Ask your colleagues, whether there is in his affairs is something with which you could help. Ask the same question to the head - perhaps that you met with the manager of the company, which did not get a contract.

The brighter you show that you are focused on the company's benefit, of course, leaving behind their own priorities, the more likely you will be the first candidate on the rise.

5. Enthusiasm

6 qualities that will help to attract the attention of his superiors

While everyone in your office moan that want the output as soon as possible, you can stand out by his desire to do more work, without losing its quality. Any healthy enthusiasm charges not only you, but also the surrounding colleagues, so try to learn how to come to work with a broad smile.

6. Kindness

As much as we loved their jobs, from time to time we have to deal with all sorts of conflicts. Deadlines are becoming more frequent, will be shortened, and the lack of proper rest is all the more stressful. Become irritable easily, but remember that the preservation of peace, openness and kindness to others will bring much more benefit than the showdown.

You do not need grand gestures - Treat colleagues and leadership homemade cookies or grab a few extra cups of coffee to the beginning of the working day. Suggest to take a break and walk together at the area in the afternoon, to shake things up and cool - do not forget at the same time to remind about the benefits of this activity.

What are you trying to attract the attention of management?