5 most useless ways to motivate office plankton

5 most useless ways to motivate office plankton

According to Forbes magazine, his work enjoys about 19 percent of all working people. Nineteen percent! The aliens and the more people believe. That is, for 81 per cent of it, if not torture, then, at least, melancholy green.

Therefore, large and serious companies hire special people who constantly invent all sorts of ways to convince the staff that it is all part of the polls 19 per cent happy ...

1. Motivational Management

5 most useless ways to motivate office plankton

When the company swells to respectable sizes in it, as is often the case with the fat man, there is some awkwardness and clumsiness. And then a wise leader must find a way to somehow her "cheer."

Suppose you work for a big company (McDonald's, for example) and are at the very bottom of the career ladder. Your manager collects all of you and says, impassioned speech about what a great team you are, but as you all with joy gives all power to the prosperity of the native eatery. Only need to push more here, here and here. But everything else - just perfect! And today you will be able to work more shibche, more fun, and sell even more servings of french fries! And so long as you do not get fired or you do not get fired themselves, or not to do, finally, to the institute.

Nineteen percent of the lucky hardly pay attention to it - they are so bad (although the bulk of these percentages probably make themselves managers and self-employed person). But what about the others - maybe someone out of the ordinary workers such events and give pleasure, but we can say with confidence that these originals will be typed no more than five percent. Managers are unlikely to seriously think that you can motivate employees, telling how much money the company earned in the past quarter and how much she still desperately need to earn. It is unlikely that we are like "the company's success - this is your personal success" can cause anything other than sickness, if you do not get any interest from the profits of the company. Yes, even if it turns out you will soon perceive colleagues as rivals rather than as people "from one of the boat with you." That is your job happier from it will not.

If the above does not apply to you, consider yourself lucky to have work.

2. Corporate Philosophy

5 most useless ways to motivate office plankton

Interview at employment - it is very unpleasant. And one of the main reasons - nine times out of ten you will be asked a question that you never, ever answer honestly, how could you not hate lies.

"Why do you want to work for us?"

The honest answer, in most cases would be roughly as follows: "I am now really need a job, it seems to me that for this I come and try to perform it in good faith." Something like that.

Almost every one of us goes to settle, because they have to earn a living. We need the money, because the store is still no one free does not, because you have to pay for the apartment and collect the child to school. It is unlikely that someone decided to go to work in a company engaged in the production of corrugated cardboard, because dreaming about it at school.

It would be wonderful if we could all take such positions that are well paid and thus allow you to make the world a better and more perfect every day. But they are busy. Both. While the rest must somehow perekantovatsya in offices easier - in M. Video, for example, or the same McDonald's. We're talking to interviewers nonsense like that crazy about their corporate culture, delighted with the way the company conducts business, share common values, we like the same music, and so on and so forth ...

No one in their right mind would believe in it. But ... maybe for a solid company employee's ability to lie convincingly - a key point in the determination of professional suitability.

3. Visibility

5 most useless ways to motivate office plankton

Each office plays in an exciting game, code-named "Boss is coming!" By the time the chief of all try to look immersed in business and unleash the most preoccupied look. Your boss is trying to portray violent activity in front of his boss, who in turn, puts the best tie, when sent to the reception to the chief of the department, he is drawn to attention when approaching the Minister ... Domino, and only.

At work often have to pretend. You should always look to match the picture of yourself for someone else. If you'll go to work, say, in the call center, the first rule you need to remember is - no jeans. Why is this so important - the big question. If you do a good job, does it matter what texture your pants?

The requirement for this is usually due to the fact that the company wishes to apply of its employees in the best light in front of the customer. It is assumed, apparently, that each new customer looks at the clerk manager eyes and just waiting for opportunities to poison his life.

And yet all the customers for some reason hate jeans. As they are not maintained, jeans still spoil the whole thing. Where is the logic? If your company's worst service in the world - to experience what you pants, the client will be the last.

4. No customers - take it into the hands of the mop

5 most useless ways to motivate office plankton

This is the unwritten rule is that you should be in business every working minute. If you are a cashier, and there are no buyers, you need to pick up a rag and wiping delve into the already clean the cash register. Or do you trim chocolates on nearby shelves. If your work - make photocopies, and the clients have not yet come - quickly grab the broom.

Of course, impassable mud in his workplace disgusting - no one argues. And if you had time to clean up the mess - why not? But do cleaning only to depict employment, regardless of whether there is a need for this ...

If you are hired to sell computers, and buyers for some reason do not go to the store, why should you have to go shoot a web of stock? To do this, there are people who pay for the cleaning. And if not - let hire.

If you summarize data from multiple sources over the past five years, it turns out that the average worker is engaged in matters not related to their duties, and a half to two and a half hours of working time.

Many people this is a humiliating situation when you always have to justify their existence, leads, in the end, change jobs. When you are treated like a five-year child who needs to take at least something, when instead of direct responsibility is necessary to shine rubbing door handles, necessarily stop to see the meaning.

5. Rallying team

5 most useless ways to motivate office plankton

Events of rallying the team (or the so-called "team building") in most cases turns into a collective torture. Meaningless children's games in the normal mature human unlikely to cause anything but irritation. Especially if they are "voluntary-compulsory".

You will be forced to fall with closed eyes on the hands of his colleagues, to spread out the rope circles and squares, gather in the forest mushrooms and berries, and so on.. Some employers even have to hire specialized people to invent such exercises. And no wonder - should be highly qualified in order to motivate a person to guess along its Indian and forced to ride through the meadow.

Based on our own experience, we can say with confidence - everything except the venomous posts on the Internet, it does not inspire.