A new concept in the relationship of man and woman

• A new concept in the relationship of men and women

Around the world is constantly changing, and with the appearance of new objects and phenomena of the need for new words to describe these concepts. The vocabulary of the Russian language is constantly updated with new words, and not the least role in this process is played online. The words "downshifting", "crowdfunding", "recruitment", "trolling" and many others quietly crept into our language, and has built her cozy nest in the thesaurus.

A new concept in the relationship of man and woman

Let's get acquainted with the new term "benching", who came to us from the magical world of virtual dating, and was the best friend "goustinga" and "bredskrambinga".

All three, so to speak, the term has a negative connotation and represent species of someone's indifference to potential partners.

Gousting - is a virtual version of the care in English, when a person leaves the game without explanation and disappears from view, sometimes even permanently.

Bredskrambing same - it's playful sending messages, but at the same time addressless content to attract any unscrupulous individuals of the opposite sex, ready to peck at the crumbs scattered attention or flirting sluggish half-heartedly with the sole purpose to feed the interest and stay in touch. "Benching" occurs when you keep in touch with someone on a dating site, but do not seek to translate the relations to a new level and lay a real meeting, as long as that person take your attention more interesting and more important. If translated literally, it is when you send someone to the bench, that is, people you do not particularly like, but you are not ready to push him away or tell rigid "no."

Who knows, maybe it's because the Internet has spoiled people and are the vicissitudes of communication in the digital age. Of course, before there were people, and among them, even the women, who could hold someone as an alternate airfield "in reserve", but it has always been a threat to meet Ignored face in the general circle of friends or acquaintances, and public opinion has always stood guard cheaters reputation. With the advent of smartphones and social networks to manipulate and ignore their own kind has made it much more comfortable.