Relationship - The role of beauty

Relationship - The role of beauty

"... And if so, what is beauty, and why it deify people?

The vessel is in which emptiness, or fire, shimmering in the vessel? "

Line from a poem by Nicholas Z's "Ugly Girl" enough to suggest an interesting idea in the form of a question: what is the role appearance in such a delicate sphere as the relationship? Whether it acts as an assistant or inhibits Affairs device on the personal front? This we will find out in this article.

To begin with, that beauty - a relative term, one contemplating someone's face, thinks it attractive, the other - will not find in it anything special. There are, of course, exceptions: people unanimously recognized as beautiful, that is fixed in the special ratings, and is not nobody who could or would want to deny this fact.

But, again, the beginning and the end of these "conventional measurements", which measures the us like we just - is unknown. However, just like that, on what the past is based.

In addition, if a person is in love, is to evaluate the quality of the appearance of the object of passion is almost impossible: a strong sense of making the latter the most beautiful in the world in the eyes of experiencing love. Well, of course, physical shell, close relatives, too, has no flaws for us, as we perceive them differently than the surrounding.

From all the above, we can conclude that all the same for every beauty is unique, and even classical canons, which is determined by its truth, is essentially nothing for the majority of people do not matter, because one little externally - is important also a spiritual essence of man, what do you further check.

Moving from the general to the particular, it will be interesting to know how to deal with the concept of influences on the formation of relationships with the opposite sex in the lives of men and women, as well as how each of these categories is perceived by the visual appeal of the potential partner.

"Not Born Beautiful ..."

I remember even being a baby, I was surprised this statement, because it generates a vague hunch that to be beautiful, if not bad, not too practical, applied to daily life.

On the one hand, physical attraction, undoubtedly, helps women in establishing business contacts, as a presentable appearance is an essential complement to the high level of professionalism - this is the first thing that catches the eyes of a potential employer or business partner, especially if he is a man.

Relationship - The role of beauty

But in ordinary interpersonal and especially the beauty of personal relationships often acts as a noise on the path to happiness. Girlfriends feel envy, gossip neighbors (in the language of many "beautiful" sounds like "accessible"), and men ...

It is ironic, but the stronger sex avoid attractive women. In principle, in relation to the beautiful ladies men can be divided into two groups.

Representatives of the first is not averse to flirt with a woman, held in company with her night or two, but the marriage did not intend to start. The reason is simple: a beautiful girl - a "time bomb", ie it will always pay attention to the other men, and, therefore, in an environment constantly multiplying the temptations it is worthless to have a lover in one day and, in the end, leave the family. For an attractive woman keep an eye, cause for jealousy no end ...

To verify the veracity of my words, watch out for others. Surely, you will meet a couple (not one!), In which the partner is nice enough, and his wife - or downright clumsy, or worse ... Personally, I always wondered such a union, because the principle of "for Senka cap" has not been canceled. To write off all the same feelings, they say, love is evil, given today's increased traction people to materialism, not always appropriate. It turns out that the way men insure themselves against possible cheating. Although, in my opinion, no logic. There are many examples from history where quite unattractive lady enjoyed tremendous success with the opposite sex, and vice versa (remember Sonya Golden Hand?). And all because that in addition to physical beauty plays an important role natural sexuality and charisma, and the ability to apply themselves.

The second group - men who do not dare to approach the beauty and get to know her. Here triggered low self-esteem, lack of confidence in their own capacities, that is, people are pre-programmed self-defeating: "Here I have no chance."

That is why there are so many beautiful and single women. Even there aphorism: "Beauty is the opinion that she is someone, as a result often suffers from the fact that she had no one."

Relationship - The role of beauty

But we must be able to take risks, life does not tolerate whiners - this time. Women "love ears" and the heart, often their choice is logically difficult to justify - that's two.

I feel like saying: dear men, engage in the formation of the appearance, personality, world view - and issues such as the expectation of possible failure, you will not have. And if they will, then you are like a man confident, do not take this fact to heart, just change directions and go conquer another top - because man by nature a predator, a conqueror.

"handsome boy"

In the brave representatives of mankind, at first glance, with the beauty of a full order: the girls hanging up there, and there are no problems at work - provided that the head of the woman. That may be so, but in fact some difficulties still exist.

There is a justifiable statement: "Handsome man - means the total and no one's." And the women, bearing in mind the latter are in no hurry to marry with Cute philanderer.

Relationship - The role of beauty

In fact, someone like an inexhaustible female attention to their husband? Any lady in one degree or another possessive and wife share with anybody did not wish under any circumstances.

If such an alliance will be formalized, the threat of disintegration of the family will not leave the couple for a moment. Why? Because handsome man is worthless to have a mistress - at least, is the opinion of a large number of women. So in a marriage require reinforced concrete nerves, because literally have to sit on a powder keg ...

In addition, many young ladies the concept of "beautiful man" associated with the word "daffodil", "arrogant", "arrogant" and all in the same spirit. Although in reality it is somewhat different. Shy, handsome - are not uncommon and certainly not a myth.

Are attractive men, who do not just proud of its excellent appearance, and the complex from the excess of attention to his own person. As a result, even turn in on themselves and see themselves as strangers, almost alien from another planet. But people are very sincere, honest and with the notorious "macho" have nothing in common.

Relationship - The role of beauty

Illuminated at the beginning of the main section plus male beauty - no difficulties with the selection of the second half - also does not apply equally to all. It happens, do not harass those that really like the young man with model looks. The girls, whose sympathies would be very handy, look at the handsome warily and its tenth bypass road.

Finally today, a problem for physically attractive man traditional orientation - the probability of becoming a victim of homosexual harassment. To some, this fact will be completely indifferent, but there are those who have it will cause irritation and disgust. So the male beauty, as well as women - hardly a great gift of fate. Rather - a test .... Here's how to say about the attractiveness of the American psychologist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross:

"People are like window glass. They sparkle and shine when the sun is shining, but when darkness reigns, their true beauty is revealed only by the light coming from the inside. "

This light is the spiritual beauty, the wealth of the inner world, invisible to the naked eye in the early minutes of acquaintance. But they can be seen, if armed with the desire and patience. They are more important than all the wonders of the world, because it is eternal.

I guess the question is settled. A last piece of advice: if you are beautiful, no mistake about that before you open all the doors. If on the other hand, is not too appealing, do not rush to fall into depression. Appearance - just clothes for the soul. Its quality is possible, firstly, to improve - countless ways, and secondly, it is in any case subject to irreversible deterioration. Adorned themselves, to develop spiritually and be happy!

Nadezhda Ponomarenko, especially for our website