The most popular women's erotic fantasies

At the request of Men's Health magazine survey was conducted about erotic fantasies among readers of women's online magazines. The result is before you.

Now we know exactly what women want. At least in bed.

The most popular women's erotic fantasies


The content of this material intended only for adults (18 and over).

Results commented seksolog, d. M. N. Sergey Agarkov and "Specialist in women's minds" Arina Vintovkin.

1. Threesome - two men (498 votes)

The most popular women's erotic fantasies

replica sexologist: Several partners from which to choose, a healthy evolutionary approach, which is consistent with female sexuality. In nature always chooses the female, will always choose a woman in society. Therefore, a threesome - it is possible to conduct choice indefinitely, finally choosing - a very attractive idea.

They say that this situation is archetypal, it is written in the genes and has come from the past: the savage tribes, ritual dancing, drugs, orgies, in the center of which, of course, a woman. In other words, sex with several men - Clearly, physiological and ... find it impossible dream. For the men themselves so much competition, either physically or mentally can not tolerate.

Arina Vintovkin: The Triple Alliance is attractive primarily for its total immorality from the point of view of social morality. And that is condemned, traditionally the strongest and want. Add to this a weak probability to realize the reality of the scenario - that's the explanation the first place. You can not, in fact, just walk up to the most broad-from friends and boyfriend to propose, "you'll be third?". On the other hand: what is the chance that any of them did agree to it? In fact, according to rumors, view other people's testicles during mating acts on boys is very depressing. If we consider the purely practical side of the issue, having sex with two women partners attracted by the prospect of being caressed from all sides.

2. I would like to be associated (478 votes)

The most popular women's erotic fantasies

replica sexologist: Wide range of women's fantasies associated with the idea of ​​domination and subordination, ie with sexual roles. Among them is the desire to be associated, and sex with a blindfold and a desire to be a slave. Today's women are emancipated, they successfully express themselves in areas that were once considered exclusively male. And so they intuitively want at least ever be truly a woman not to take any important decisions to be led. After all, the task of a woman - to give a signal, all the rest - caring partner. Be related - so do not take any responsibility for the sex.

Arina Vintovkin: Recently caught my eye a curious study, which analyzed the mechanisms of the female pleasure. These devices have shown that what a woman of capital disconnected region of the brain associated with decision-making, the more had an orgasm. From what we can conclude: the less responsible for the successful outcome of the case feels like a partner, the greater the rush she gets from sex.

3. Sex in nature (421 votes)

The most popular women's erotic fantasies

replica sexologist: It's easy to see the tails of the relations that have been in his youth. When there are no their own homes, there is no possibility to stay together under the roof of one of the few opportunities to feel lonely - to be in the woods for a walk, to hike, on the same beach. And let then were just kissing, fondling, exposure, not sex, but only the first touch to this great phenomenon - any first erotic experiences leave very bright trace in life. Therefore, sex in nature in adulthood (fantasy on this subject) - as if the revival of the old, is the case of life. Adult continuation of children's stories. Arina Vintovkin: It is no exaggeration to say that all the women in the shower a little exhibitionist. Sex in nature - another form of compromise with his own conscience on the one hand, you like and do not plan to light up in front of the general public without underwear, and the other - allows for such a possibility. Adrenaline that spicing up any situation, multiplied by the giddy feeling, what you're all of a bold and unrestrained, really very nice cocktail of emotions.

4. I want to fake rape (422 votes)

The most popular women's erotic fantasies

replica sexologist: Another manifestation of the idea of ​​subordination. However, if the question sounded like "you want to be raped?" 100% would answer "no." While the staging of the game in the rape, on the edge of the pass - no doubt a valid, acceptable and often a welcome alternative submission. And to be raped for real - it's terrible. Another thing is that by playing this horror, the woman with him so fights. To the extent that predicts their behavior in such a situation, how would training on the safe side.

Arina Vintovkin: I am more than confident: translated from the language of the female "instsenirovanie rape" - a synonym for "Hardcore". Listen to psychologists, because fantasies about rough sex with elements of coercion - the inheritance notorious girls, keep your libido on a leash. Say, if a woman has a subconscious ban on obtaining carnal pleasure, the script where it is taken by force, but she resists, in a sense, it takes her responsibility to obtain satisfaction. Like, I'm not guilty, he has come, seized and caused the orgasm. Hard sex - it's always a balancing act on the edge of "sick-nice" and "just sick". As you know, any boundary condition causes a strong emotional response. In addition, a man, powerfully grabs you by the scruff of the neck and bite off buttons blouses, demonstrating its strength and desire. And it's cool if only for the simple reason that these striking manifestations of them usually will not wait in everyday life.

5. Sex with a woman (403 votes)

The most popular women's erotic fantasies

replica sexologist: In his youth, girls are much more likely tied something like bisexual relations. A school night, two girls dance with each other. Fine? Yes. And the two boys? Not really. The girl came to her friend. Evening came - has decided to spend the night, went with a friend in the same bed. Fine? Nothing, and parents do not worry. And the two boys? Somehow it is not very nice. Girls homoerotic relationship (well, that is, with a touch of sensuality, but without actual sex), as it were sanctioned, and dream about having sex with a woman in middle age - this is a manifestation of youthful impressions. Sex with a man she has, but gay sex - unrealized thing. However, if he appears in fantasy, it does not mean that she lacks this straight. It's more of a farewell to youth homoerotic experience, his withering.

Arina Vintovkin: I will tell you as it is: a great imagination! Moreover, my (and not only mine) favorite. Women are paying much attention to the exterior of each other: the note and discuss what someone's ass, waist, earlobes and polka-dot dress - is sacred. According to my observations, the active fantasy on the subject and making dreams come true girls begin or when they have not yet established rapport with the opposite sex (a male classmates - idiots and chmoshniki and only girlfriend loves, understands and pats on the cheek) either been slightly disappointed in him (35 years, after the tenth wedding anniversary, which presented a vacuum cleaner). Sex with a woman seems a such absolute understanding, tenderness and love. In practice, it must be said, all too usually goes quite a lovely and cherished ...

6. Sex with blindfolded (377 votes)

The most popular women's erotic fantasies

Arina Vintovkin: The main thing for girls in sex - to concentrate on the sensations. And this, alas, it is possible not to everyone and not always - too many distractions. Afraid to say what antisexual images often come to mind during foreplay, when, in theory, would have to rush for the sheets in a paroxysm of passion. Starting from the textbook of the ceiling, which is long overdue whitewash, and ending suddenly discovered ingrown toenail partner. And if men thought about abstract topics sometimes are beneficial, helping to shoot out a little less rapidly, it's just in the way. Cut out the light, by the way, we love including why (and not just because of the innate shyness and the running of cellulite).

7. Be

slave to obey (355 votes)

The most popular women's erotic fantasies

replica sexologist: We continue to talk about dominance and submission. Women are well aware that any normal man would like to dissolve the tail, to dominate, but only men today, feeling in women competition in life are not always willing to enter into competition with them and behave courageously. Desire to obey - a continuation of the dream of a man who is stronger. And a chance for men to feel so.

Arina Vintovkin: Women are really enough "taxi" in vnepostelnoy life. In the afternoon we are willing to be tough, uncompromising, imperious, uphold gender equality, and at night, on the contrary, we want to stay in power by a tyrant. As a friend of mine said, a successful financial analyst, is in search of the perfect man of good 15 years: "I want to find a guy whose eggs are bigger than me." Seems to me, you can not argue with the genetic memory.