Relationship - The confrontation between men and women

Have you ever pondered over the question: what, in fact, characterized by men's magazines from the women? I do not mean the basic differences, such as the specifics of columns, differentiation of interest and other niceties - they are clear to anyone.

My question relates directly to the semantic line of published materials in the entertainment and useful gloss. After reviewing enough network and printed publications, I found the answer, which is, unfortunately, just me not pleased: Unlike the men's and women's magazines from each other consists only in the fact that in the pages of the first openly expressed contempt of the fair sex, and in the pages of the second the same is done to address the male half of the population.

Relationship - The confrontation between men and women

This applies mainly to the headings of psychology, relationships, tips and successfully transferred to real life. Confrontation between the two camps formed - men and women - the theme of today's article.

Confrontation ... word what belligerent, cold and sharp, as if the metal blade. Imagination and draws the battle of two powerful enemies: the fight for life and death, in which neither one nor the other is not going to concede. And if you understand the point: Well, you have to share? Why not live in peace and harmony on the precepts of nature, supporting, caring for each other? What prevents a man strong and fragile woman unite, be partners, not enemies?

Here once again, after the word "partners" lies the clue confrontation yin and yang.

"All women - bitch!"

Relationship - The confrontation between men and women

Men can not just women that once they rebelled against patriarchy and said: "To obey you? Enough! "So there was feminism. Yes, the very doctrine of equality, which many people mistakenly perceive as humiliating propaganda of the stronger sex. Those who do not believe - and are, no doubt, there will be - give the definition from Wikipedia: "Feminism - a socio-political movement whose goal is to provide women of full civil rights. In the broadest sense - the desire for equality with men in all spheres of society. In a narrow sense - the women's movement, which aims to eliminate discrimination against women and the equation of their rights with men. "

However, the term "feminism" makes some individuals grimace and let the rough "bitch" to address all women together, considering their position following a manifestation of self-centeredness.

Well, they can not understand men's behavior is stimulated, that the ladies were too long in the humiliating position, playing the role of solely domestic workers and units for the birth of children, being essentially powerless? Now they just make up for lost for countless centuries. And to accuse them of a healthy desire to lead after a long stay in the background, creating a background on which shone a man unjustly.

But male irritation growing by leaps and bounds, because the outlines of matriarchy on the horizon are becoming increasingly clear, at the same time, many subjects of the stronger sex - on the side of women. Submission for the last of the men is not possible, unless they are classified as henpecked. And it turns out that out of this situation, in addition to insults, humiliation and disrespect open, thrown in impotent rage toward the ladies, there is no ...

On the other hand, men can understand. After all, they are the stronger sex, specifically for women - a stone wall, beyond which no adversity are not afraid, getters, and therefore automatically link to larger than a woman in sexual relationships. Naturally, the ladies' revolt against an established, zavedonnogo centuries about men perceive quite painful. But in order not to show it, they instinctively protected hot attacks and rude remarks. If the role reversal occurs gradually and in the end would have stopped at the level of "equal", could have been avoided men fierce. But the situation is aggravated by the fact that modern women often earn more, higher valued as experts in some areas - well, is it possible to tolerate such ..?

"All men - the goats!"

Relationship - The confrontation between men and women

Women's view on the issue is surprising in its simplicity: normal men have become extinct, like the mammoths - there were only wimp who want a lifetime to sit on our neck, without giving anything in return. In other words: all men - the goats!

Lovely woman, all this is the place to be, but, pray tell, who made men as they are now? Did not we do allow them to treat us as objects? Do not meekly we observed discrimination have also produced by men in order to satisfy their own ambitions and needs? And in one moment, suddenly again! - and rebelled, rushed to defend their rights? Consequences first full women's inactivity and subordination "of their lives", and then a sharp revolt and frenzied movements against the current Auca us to this day, resulting in the misogyny.

And now, ladies are, on their own initiative to financially support men, patiently taking down a beating from their loved ones, working for two and so on. D., And so on. N. In this case, apparently, they consider this situation normal. No wonder that some of the men is irreconcilable with the position of those women who zealously defend their rights. The conclusion is clear: before blame someone, you need to start with yourself. Everything has a reason, and. as the proverb says: The reason often in ourselves ...

And what they think about this man? Is it absolutely indifferent to the fact that women are not standing on ceremony, compare them, to put it mildly, not the most noble animals? So I asked my good friend. You know what he said to me? I quote: "Women call us" goats "- well, we have to comply ..." Indeed, if every day to even talk to the good man that he is bad - after some time undergoing suggestion will be so. Generally, women should not have to generalize, to row, as they say, one size fits all, because absolutely all men, by definition, can not be bad. Moreover, as we know, the force of action is equal to the strength of opposition. It is like the body's reaction to the introduction of infection: the immune system throws all forces to destroy disease-causing bacteria. Both sides are strong, and the outcome of the fight is essentially unpredictable ...

Relationship - The confrontation between men and women

The confrontation between men and women will continue for as long as one party to the doomed view will not lay down arms and not submit another. But this option is not the best. People forget about the main thing: that we are all, regardless of gender, are equal. And no one gave the right of any man or woman to usurp the status of leader in the relationship. Why in a pair surely someone must obey? Variations of "lord-slave," "Mrs. slave" unacceptable in human relations. They degrade one and unjustifiably glorify the authority of another.

Partnership and cooperation - is the way from confrontation to harmony. Mutual aid, caring, understanding - it is on these values ​​actually build a normal relationship with a person of the opposite sex. The presence of mutual love, as such denies the very possibility of subordination and domination. What a pity that people often turn a blind eye to such a simple truth, preferring tender cruelty, humility - the struggle for power ...

Relationship - The confrontation between men and women

I want to complete the remarkable words of the winner of the 8th season of "Battle of psychics," Vladimir Muranova: "Happiness - is the way and all that lies along the way. Love has soared respiratory flow of life. " If the inhabitants of the enemy camp - male and female - to take note of this statement, it might someday stop, finally, the eternal opposition of the weak and the stronger sex ... Nadezhda Ponomarenko, especially for our website