11 problems suffered by sexy girls

Be really attractive and sexy - a gift of nature and the penalty at the same time. Not only is the beautiful girls have to work on yourself every day and keep the bar high, so still and society does not favor those who are lucky with the genes. We have listed 11 problems faced by almost every sexy girl to shed light on injustice.

1. They are insecure

11 problems suffered by sexy girls

Oddly enough, but the first and most common problem among the really attractive girls - it is self-doubt. The reason that these girls look good, lies in the fact that because of the lack of confidence they have to work hard on your body, skin, hair, appearance and character. Humility and a thirst for perfection - is the standard to which come through the self-esteem issues, and not always an objective look at yourself.

2. They are expected too much

Coupled with an attractive appearance are high expectations of others. Sexy girl can not be less than dazzling, otherwise people will think that it is something wrong, that she was sick or sad. It deprives it of the freedom to be myself, and sometimes afford to weakness.

3. They envy

Women's solidarity is the opposite direction, which is called jealousy. Specific reason for it is not - the whole thing in an attractive appearance. If a girl is pretty and sexy, it is - a potential rival, and many girls are absolutely involuntarily begin to hate those who, in their opinion, looks great (often better than them).

4. They are not sure of the intentions of the partner

Beautiful girl could fall under the sway of doubt, whether a partner really choose it for its quality and for the sake of true love, or whether it is more important how it looks.

There are also situations where a beautiful girl choose to look better on her background.

So the natural data is a source of injustice.

5. People think they all just goes to

Beautiful appearance - is not only a gift, but at the same time stamp. If you are beautiful, people may think that everything comes easy to you, leveling the fact that you work hard, not only on themselves but also on their happiness.

6. They are often victims of harassment

11 problems suffered by sexy girls

A beautiful girl can become the center of problems. The increased attention of others often turns into a nightmare. Harassment in the workplace, street harrasment, sexism and objectification - you have to work hard in order not to activate the social bomb that, once again, deprive the freedom to be themselves.

7. People think that they are stupid

Beautiful - so silly, because either spend all their time on the beauty or the gets what he wants without effort and mental abilities, because people think only the genitals, is not it?

8. Their partners may experience uncertainty

Next to the sexy girl unsure of themselves may feel it is a partner, as his girlfriend - a gift and a center of attention of other guys. This leads to jealousy, quarrels and mistrust. Even if you are honest and faithful, it is worth to someone to give you a compliment - and your relationship can be conceived the seed of discord.

9. It is difficult to be friends with the girls

Really attractive girl can be hard to make friends with other representatives of the fair sex.

Beautiful girl or do not trust because of the spirit of competition, or afraid of them.

Of course, this does not mean that a girl is doomed to loneliness, but you're probably faced with similar situations.

10. It is difficult to be friends with the guys who have Girl

If your boyfriend was hot girlfriend, you probably would have been jealous of her. Not because she was a bad person, just because she is beautiful, and so he can look at it not only as a friend. With such situations have to put up an attractive girl, and often give up friendship with the guys.

11. They rarely speak compliments

Beautiful girl no one would suspect in uncertainty. They rarely speak compliments, thinking that they are certainly aware of its beauty. Compliment - it's not the wisdom of Captain Obvious, but a way to make a man pleasant. Beautiful girls are often deprived of sincere attention, and even relationships, because if you're sexy guy probably think that you have someone there.