What men want from women actually

In a romantic relationship always involves two, both should strive to build a healthy, strong union, otherwise the result will not be very comforting. However, sometimes it happens that a woman sees a man's shortcomings are well and do not notice their own.

What men want from women actually

What I mean? In the same way, a woman wants to see in this man is not only a mountain of muscles and sex drive, and a real man changing idea of ​​what they want to see in a woman. Modern held a man realizes that the breast size and sex appeal have little to build strong, healthy marriage. So what are the real men are looking for quality in your future bride?


Sometimes it's hard to believe that the natural attraction for men. With magazine pages and billboards us look glossy beauty, and we are starting to believe this to be unfashionable. But with experience, I realized that these men are attracted to it real women, not concealing its natural beauty make-up and sophisticated hairstyle.

In addition, men are looking for a woman who not only do not embellish your appearance, but also natural in all its manifestations. They need not one that pretends to be interested in her sport, or a car, or anything that, in her opinion, it is interesting man. They are looking for a woman who is by itself, with all its individual peculiarities, eccentricities and weaknesses. After all, this is just what distinguishes you from the crowd of other women and makes a unique. Love yourself for who you are, and shine forth.


There is something in the self-confident woman that radiates beauty and attracts men. Confident woman is well aware of who she is and what she wants, and remains true to itself. It relies on your strength and knows that it is quite valuable in itself. She did not care about her status or physical and sexual attractiveness. S no need to flirt or to flirt.

Flirtation and coquetry, no doubt, will attract to you a certain type of man, but you have to continue to flirt all his life to keep them interested. I do not know how about you, but in my opinion, this type of relationship requires too much energy and emotional costs. If you are looking for a real man, there is no need to wear a short tight dress, because this man can only bring your true personality rather than a beautiful shell. And just continue to be myself enough to keep it with you. Just such and should be a healthy relationship.


Most men will tell you that it is important that their half was attractive to them. The problem is that we women, we see the ideal of attractiveness in the form of a supermodel. We have to exhaust yourself physically and emotionally in trying to squeeze into a template that does not suit us. But I realized that this man beauty - it is something much more than physical attraction. Many men are repulsive women, luxurious from the outside but empty inside. These men are looking for a woman, radiating the true beauty that can not be faked or paint. They are looking for a woman whose beauty is consonant with kindness, compassion, humor, strength, love, joy and tenderness. Believe it or not, these men are more interested in the size of a woman's heart than breast size or volume of the waist. The irony is that our society puts pressure on the woman, forcing her to pay more attention to the visual appeal. Unlike physical beauty, true beauty can not be faked, and only she will win and hold the heart of this man. My favorite quote reflects this idea could not be better: "This man is not looking for the most beautiful woman in the world, and one that will make it the world's most beautiful."


First, let's be clear - there is a huge gulf between the dramatic and passionate woman. The first men flock from all sides, and from the second they run without looking back. If there is one thing that I hear from men all over again, because that's what women would do well to splashes less emotion. And, although I'm not too nice to admit it, men in some way wrong. Emotions are certainly important, but the problems begin when we let emotions take over. For us women, it is important to be guided by reason, balanced with emotion and not let emotions run our lives. And now that we've figured out what the passion is not, let us will understand what it is actually. So be passionate woman - means to fill our lives with meaning and heart, and kindness, and go to the goal. Being a woman whose life is determined not nail salons, tanning salons and boutiques, but the one who lives for many more. Have a goal, a dream to believe in and be faithful to their convictions. Open your heart for justice, kindness, and mercy, and is committed to improving the world around them. Meaning that fills your life, casts reflection on all of its manifestations - including relationships.

It's time to re-recognize the qualities in which we, as women, need to make an impression on the man. It's time to give up faith in the irresistible power of sexual attraction and understand that true respect for the men we deserve when we start to respect themselves.