Important rules in order to gain the trust

Important rules in order to gain the trust

Reliability - a very important quality that helps to establish relationships with new acquaintances, colleagues or business clients. Therefore, it is important to demonstrate to everyone that you are reliable and deserve their trust. But how?

If you want to trust you, first learn to trust others

Establishing trust between people, of course, is no easy task. We're all disappointed in people, so open a new friend is not so easy for us. But if you still manage to overcome fears and to trust people, they, in turn, will make it easier to trust you.

The deepest trust develops slowly, do not rush this process. If you continually demonstrate to people that they are to your liking and that you trust them, the people answered and imbued with the confidence to you, too.

Other people should be comfortable around you

There is nothing worse than to be with someone who complains all the time and takes all pessimistic. This behavior does not attract colleagues to you, and even more customers. It is better not to escalate an already difficult situation and think clearly, remain optimistic and to be able to find ways to solve problems. Then people will be comfortable with you. Try to defuse the situation with laughter, stay positive and make sensible suggestions for improving the situation. When people see that you know how to solve problems, not exacerbate them, you are sure to earn the trust of others.

The body language is very important

Our words and actions - not the only way to show others who we really are. It is not only the words are also important in our gestures and facial expressions. You can not ignore the importance of body language, otherwise all our efforts will come to naught. Take this into consideration when dealing with people with whom you are trying to establish a trust relationship.

Eye contact (not too keen mind, but do not run), smile and tone eloquently talk about you to others. If you want to gain trust among your peers, showcase every possible way that you are open and sincere.

Be yourself

Do not try too hard to get people to trust you. If you overdo it, you risk appear insincere and not worthy of trust, and this is not something that you aspire to. You want to believe you and trust, be yourself. Sincerity, especially the heart, generous, unpretentious sincerity plays an important role. Thus, instead of trying to appear credible, just relax a bit and become a. Do not forget to show genuine concern for others. If people believe that your interest in the fate of their genuine, you'll be on your way to building a real confidence.

Be patient and consistent.

No shortest path to reach the deepest trust - it takes considerable time and experience. Thus it is necessary to act correctly - keep their word, to do everything possible to show that you can and should be trusted.

If you are patient, consistent, then after some time, you'll get his. Relationships based on long-standing and proven trust, is very strong. Of course, the development of such relations can be time consuming, but it is worth all your effort.