10 signs that you are not introversion and social anxiety

We tend to think that all people are divided into extroverts and introverts, but the size of your need for communication can not depend on the nature of addiction, and the presence or absence of social anxiety. Psychotherapists usually identify several signs of this kind of anxiety that has nothing to do with the introverted, so you can test yourself and find out whether you need help.

1. You feel comfortable only with specific people

10 signs that you are not introversion and social anxiety

Although it may seem a sign of introversion - the desire to communicate with only a specific group of friends, in fact it is quite a common symptom of social anxiety. Socially anxious people more actively communicate in situations where there is clear evidence that the people around them love and accept. Introverts can relax a short time, even if you do not know any of those present, but they like the topic of the dialogue.

2. You walk only in the same place

10 signs that you are not introversion and social anxiety

If you experience social anxiety, for you will be very important places where you meet people, and not only the social circle. This too may seem a sign of introversion, but if you're worried that the cafe will be uncomfortable for you - a prime symptom of social anxiety. Over time, the circle of your comfort zone begins to narrow, but it will affect the fellowship as a whole, so it is necessary to see a specialist to determine how you can deal with it.

3. Are you afraid of condemnation

Introverts are not so concerned about what others think. But for those who experience social anxiety, this fear - the main demotivating factor, which leads to the avoidance of any social interaction.

4. misses an opportunity to

10 signs that you are not introversion and social anxiety

If you missed meeting a negative impact on the introvert can find a way to gather strength and to talk a bit more than intended. People with social anxiety avoid any situation in which it is necessary to make a speech, colleagues present a new product or to request an enhancement.

5. Most want to walk, but did not find the strength

Introverts can easily attend any events or public places, while not supporting the call for a long period of time. People with social anxiety may want somewhere to go, but have the feeling, as if it does not have the strength. If you feel that you stop fatigue, although the real reasons for her not - should discuss the situation with a psychologist.

6. You avoid new acquaintances

Introverts can easily meet new people, even if you are not going to continue to talk with them. But if you avoid contact with any unknown company, because you're afraid of something, what kind of people they may be - is a clear sign of social anxiety.

10 signs that you are not introversion and social anxiety

7. often canceled plans to

Abandon the campaign in a cafe because he does not want to communicate - is perfectly normal for an introvert. But if you regularly skip all meetings with friends, even if deep you want to go - you start thinking about working on his concerns.

8. If you can not relax

Usually, if the introvert is in the company, he tries to focus on their own feelings, but people with social anxiety can not relax and be a little bit. Most of the time that person will feel nervous and regret that the general went to the meeting. To feel comfortable in the presence of strangers, try some meditation for mindfulness.

9. You think that you need alcohol to relax

10 signs that you are not introversion and social anxiety

The feeling that you immediately need a drink to talk a little more freely - an important sign of social anxiety. Introverts did not need alcohol in order to share a couple of stories about himself - the more so that it does not take a lot of time and nerves.

10. You do not have a rest when you are alone

Usually introverted again filled with energy after spend some time alone, but in people with social anxiety "batteries" are not charged. If you've noticed that, when left alone, you're a little calmer, but you're still exhausted and do not want to talk - you're not an introvert.

Do you think that you are "fake" an introvert?