5 life hacking for those who are shy at corporate

If the last few months were quite hard for you and your constant stress increased anxiety and self-doubt, the appointed corporate leadership is unlikely to bring you a lot of fun. However, there are several ways to prepare for a party that you do not have to blush, feel embarrassed and ashamed to go to the dance floor:

1. Determine the purpose of

5 life hacking for those who are shy at corporate

One of the most common problems of people at parties - experience that you will not find yourself a good companion for the evening. Your close colleagues may be busy socializing with other departments, and to communicate with the management do not have enough confidence.

Determine what can be your advantage in order to bond with new people. Perhaps it will help your business issues - and some tasks will be easier if you meet better with unfamiliar staff of the company. You can meet someone who will be your new best friend, or even a future partner. A few interesting stories to help you open your eyes and see how many there are around a great opportunity for self-development, and great food, music and a bit of physical activity will help you cheer up and have more fun of the evening.

2. Pick up the clothes in advance

If you feel lack of confidence in their own style, choose the already proven ensemble that does not make you feel embarrassed. Use your favorite blouse or pendant mascot to boost your confidence, and at the same time to diversify autfit. Try not to use too much make-up, which must be regularly to correct, as well as choose the most simple hairstyle that will look spectacular, even if the ruffle.

3. Learn some stylish movements

5 life hacking for those who are shy at corporate

In order to learn how to dance, not necessarily immediately take lessons in the nearest dance school, spend a couple of evenings with enough tutorials from professional choreographers.

Do not be afraid to experiment with directions, finding a bit of basic movements of different styles. Party perfect waacking - hand movements easy to remember, and the dance is not exhausted you ahead of time.

4. Restrict alcohol intake

At corporate do you meet a lot of temptations to to try each drink prepared on the table. However, if you know that you have certain problems with increased anxiety, try to drink as much as possible to moderate and be sure to compensate for the effects of alcohol with food.

5 life hacking for those who are shy at corporate

5. Do not be afraid to be alone

The best time to be at the party - not to come in the midst of her, and at that moment, while guests gather. Do not worry if you see a group of colleagues, friends, and you feel too anxious to get into other people's discussion. Walk around the room, enjoying the music, and soon will certainly find a person who starts a conversation with you. Try not to spend the entire evening with the same people who are constantly mingling with different companies.

As usual corporate parties are in your company?