4 major problems in your life and how to handle them

Man - a being that is only engaged in solving problems by reinventing the wheel before the creation of the Internet. But the problems in our own lives often seem totally intractable, and the more you wonder how a question, the more he begins to put pressure on you.

If you want to live a little happier, you certainly need to push their issues into the background and try to focus on positive emotions. But psychologists say that every problem, no matter how difficult it may seem - in fact boils down to one of the four main problems of modern man faced everything. Each of them is a solution, so pay attention not to be missed if you have something in mind.

The constant stress and fatigue

4 major problems in your life and how to handle them

One in ten British residents said that is always under stress, almost all his life. In Russia, it is estimated that approximately 70% of Russians are constantly in a state of stress, and a third of the population - in a state of extreme stress, and this level is constantly growing. Spending time on the internet is not completely mitigates the situation, and psychologists say that if your phone is always in sight - only prevents you to focus on business. In this case, it does not matter how many applications you load, whether the time constraints in social networks or tools for meditation. How to fix:

Stress is easy to remove, if you change a few daily habits. Establish a regime of the day, wake up early to read a little or write in a diary ideas for proper disposition. Give up books that you seem oppressive and boring. Reduce the amount of sugar in the diet and processed foods, and add foods that are high in fiber and collagen stimulators.

At least once a week to do what you want - just for yourself and not for anyone else, even if it is a useless trifle. Truant at lunch and after work and invite your friends for a walk. The main condition - not one of you should not pick up the phone. Start small, if one only the thought is worrying you - try to switch the phone into airplane mode for at least two hours.

Set goals you can not even reach the

4 major problems in your life and how to handle them

I'm sure you do not reach your goals in your work. Perhaps this applies to your physical form, and perhaps - promotion, in any case, all the steps made by you and have not led to the desired result. This situation gives the feeling demotivirovannosti and destroys self-confidence. But one little bump in the road does not identify you or to change anything in your order.

How to fix: The purpose can be great, but as long as you do not plan - it will remain elusive. While you will not get a pen and paper in hand, you will not budge from the spot. Draw up an action plan and regularly monitor their habits - Do you every day to work for the improvement of their performance?

Write down the area over which you need to work - whether it be character traits or skills. Suppose you did not reach your goal, but you're actively working on it, and it's better than nothing.

The relationship ended with

4 major problems in your life and how to handle them

Whether it's friendship or family relationship - the separation is never easy. This can lead you to a sense of worthlessness, sadness and resentment, and allow worsen relations with other people. But you can fix it, even if the man did not return.

How to fix:

Remember that relationship ends permanently: friendship fades away, with a partner there are more disputes and family can find a whole new outlook on how to live. You need to go further: to listen to the other person and understand his point of view. If it still is not close to you - move on. World - a huge place full of interesting people, even if now you feel lonely. Keep your head up, and promised himself familiar with at least three new people every week.

Public opinion

4 major problems in your life and how to handle them

You could hear a bad comment on their work or are afraid to meet new people, because they are worried, what impression. Perhaps you're panicking on what you invite many people to the event and can not understand how many people are actually interested in the event. Or you're worried about what impression will make your new photo into a social network - in any case, the fear of being misunderstood others seriously hinder your goals and a sense of happiness.

How to fix:

If people dare to blame you - it remains on their conscience. Unfortunately, to condemn all around - quite usual state for the people in our country, so just enjoy going on, ignoring the sarcastic comments.

If you hear negative feedback about their work - remember that this view is only one criticism, and get out of this more useful, drawing attention to their weaknesses. Take the words in your head, and do not take it to heart - and become more confident on every stage of its development.

Do you have a problem there, which is not included in this list?