How not to be afraid to try something new

How not to be afraid to try something new

It is in words we all - "My dream is to go to India last month, the most in the slums to well, you know, to see life from the inside, so to speak" or "I will ask on March 8 certificate for glider training management." And in fact, afraid of bangs trimming a centimeter shorter than normal, because not yet ready for such a drastic life change. Meanwhile, the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions and constantly learn something becomes one of the most important in the labor market. So fight fear dilettantism necessary. How to do it, now I tell.

Understand where your fear is taken

From an evolutionary point of view, to try something new it has always been dangerous. Our prehistoric predecessors knew that if you choose the same way, the probability of living to reach the cave home is much higher.

"Deep in the brain, each of us sits the fear of looking bad, do not do something, to make a mistake", - explains the researcher and author of "What to do when you are a newbie: how to be comfortable, confident and successful in new situations" Keith Rollag. He says:

One of the problems with new hobbies is the fact that you meet new people, new groups, new experiences, and this causes a lot of anxiety that we experience due to the fact that act as a beginner.

There are specific phobias - an enclosed space, water or heights, but a healthy person can not be afraid of anything. Therefore, your fear of downhill skiing or learning a foreign language - only primitive part of the brain resistance to something new.

At first, you may not like it, and it normally

How not to be afraid to try something new

Rarely relationship with the new business folded so well that you know from the first minute - I created for this purpose. At first, you pursues a strong feeling that being a makeup artist, for example, it is not yours, you do not understand how things work, you have no taste, you look like a complete idiot. Such internal resistance in the initial stage of training is absolutely natural, says psychologist Michael Labkovsky:

Change - never easy, it's a real job. And if you feel that you find it hard that you "brake" - it means that your mind is just a change in neural connections. Psyche will to resist, and that's fine.

When beset decadent mood and the desire to quit, rejoice - your brain is actively changing.

Remember that no one before you do not care

Maybe you've heard about the "spotlight effect" and it certainly felt. It is our tendency to believe that everything is looking only at us, but in fact no one is paying attention to your gray person. I have this paranoia covers regularly. Sometimes, walking down the street and I start to feel like a penguin, in an absurd accident appeared on the Milan catwalk.

To get rid of this effect, you have to go back to reality. Look around - everyone goes by without turning his head in your direction. Think how often are you distracted from his thoughts, to catch any runner on a street in embarrassment?

How not to be afraid to try something new

Try to understand how it is done, and not to impress

There are two approaches to the new skill - the desire to get to know him, to understand all the subtleties, interested in the process and the desire to master it, to make an impression on others. The second approach is the fear of making a mistake, without which there is no success.

Disconnect perfectionism, do not think about the opinions of others, do it for yourself, not for someone else. Of course, good to have the ultimate goal of the priests inflated or successful design project. But in the development of a new obsession result can only push and add uncertainty.

Prepare before

If you are difficult to decide on a new case, try to gradually prepare him his brain. See tutorial videos, read articles, look at how other people do. Here is what says on this score Keith Rollag:

The more you can reduce the unpleasant emotions and feelings of anxiety, the more likely that it will be a good experience.

If you read an article on running, it does not mean that on the treadmill you will be easier than others. But the basic knowledge will help to feel better and more confident.