Six styles of love

Love - a complex and powerful force, which manifests itself in all aspects of our being. When we are in love with someone, we feel in the presence of his emotional lift. However, in our minds a set of units, based on previous experience, on the basis of which we imagine, what we expect from the relationship with that person. For example, if you believe in love at first sight, it is likely you happen to experience it.

Six styles of love

People put in the word "love" different shades. You can say you love your spouse, or a family, a job, a childhood friend, or even your car. We use the same word for the various manifestations of love.

Based on the reasoning of the ancient Greeks, features several types of love, sociologist John Alan Lee shared the feelings of love for six basic styles. But do not forget that the predisposition to one of the styles does not bind us to it once and for all, and we can also experience the feelings inherent in other types. In addition, over time, under the influence of experience and communication with your partner, our style will certainly change.


It's romantic, "fantastic" love. This style is very important visual appeal partner. Eros rolls, like a wave in love loses his head and feels an immediate need to deepen the relationship emotionally and physically.

Since such people like the feeling of love, they are prone to serial monogamy, while remaining in a relationship as long as they appear to be fresh and attractive, then moving on to experience the rise of feeling with someone else.


This type of people committed to the stability and loyalty in their dealings. They appreciate the partnership, trust and psychological intimacy. Their love can sometimes imperceptibly grow out of friendships and will last for many years.


People who are prone to this style, they see love as a game in which you must win. And often it is a game for multiple players! Such personalities skillfully exploited pretense and manipulation. They do not feel the obligation and emotionally distance themselves from a partner.

Because these people are prone to rapid cessation of relations, they attach more importance to external data of his companion than other types. To style ludus applies the so-called pikaperstvo.


This type has the practicality. This does not mean that the pragmatists do not experience emotions, but most important to them to potential satellite approach under certain limits. This framework can be social or financial. Before pragmatist enter into a relationship, it will assess the future partner from different points of view: how supportive he will be accepted into his family, how well he had the money, as he stressoustoychiv etc...


Obsessed with love style. These people are prone to emotional dependency and need constant reinforcement of relations. They then fly to the top of happiness, then rush down into the depths of misery, depending on how much the partner meets their needs. Because mania is characterized by a sense of possessiveness, jealousy in such a relationship can be a real challenge.


This self-sacrificing love, which sets no conditions. Such a person loves you just because you are. He will take care of his beloved, and focus on their needs, but would be grateful for responses appearance of kindness and caring. These people are characterized by the highest levels of satisfaction with relationships, perhaps because of their comprehensive acceptance.

The truth about love

The love we feel for your partner, change over time. At the very beginning of the relationship, we look forward to every meeting and feel the excitement at the sight of a loved one. It is an intoxicating feeling, characteristic of romantic love, we usually associate with being in love. However, after some time - months or even years - intense emotions gradually smoothed. As soon as the couple learns each other closer, passion replaced deeper unity. Stage begins comradely love that can last a lifetime (and maybe more, who knows).

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that the evolution of romantic love to friendship - a natural and healthy transformation. As a fervent admiration is gradually fading, some believe that love has passed, when in fact it is in love, friendship can be covered incredibly deep feeling of intimacy. We can only regret that not everyone gives her a chance to shine.