Application for Me identified 5 most attractive professions

• The application for Me identified 5 most attractive professions

You filled out their profile on a dating site, placing there the best photos and composing witty summary. All that's left to do - is to hold your finger on the screen and wait for suitable options.

Application for Me identified 5 most attractive professions

However, do not hurry. Perhaps you just did not occur to you that there is one thing that might work in your favor - your profession.

According to the dating website Badoo, on which there are more than 380 million users around the world, some jobs look more attractive than others.

Administration of this site conducted a survey among 5000 people aged 18 to 30 years to figure out what the profession will be most preferred. Except for the men in uniform and female supermodels, some of the most popular options are not as stereotypical.

The most attractive profession for men: chef, engineer entrepreneur, marketer, an artist.

As for women, their preferences are: hairdresser, nurse, lawyer, entrepreneur, teacher.

Of course, maybe the whole thing is that people with these professions simply no longer among the applications seeking a couple of users. But if you think there is something enticing to the chef personally brought you breakfast in bed, free or girlfriend made you gorgeous hair, do not you?