"We'll talk about it when you grow up ... or not." Internet users anonymously share secrets about which they tell their children zareklis

Undoubtedly, many parents are always there, as proudly tell their children. It's just great when you can share experiences with their young offspring, remember a couple of funny moments of his youth, or just tell kids dense ancient tales that once people used floppies and landlines. However, the heroes of today's article that statement is definitely not the case.

Today we have prepared for you a selection of stories from anonymous users of the social network Reddit, where they talk about their most intimate secrets, which they vowed not to share with their kids, not to spoil, so to speak, already places sagging role model.

Mom, Dad and the cross

"I think I had never tell your children that at the time I was a couple of times gangbang with their mother and their godmother. In the end, what is this, if we were much younger, my best friend's wife, and part-time godmother of our children, it was not Man, from time to time we all three got drunk and we were drawn to the experiments. "


"I do not think that I would like to see my thirteen-year daughter ever found out that when she was three months old, I helped her get rid of constipation your index finger. Wife a couple of weeks ago, again went to the hospital, complications after birth, and baby was really bad, it is constantly crying and could not go to the toilet. At one forum I read that this should help. Well, it worked, but I do not really want my princess learned that during infancy I tinkering hands in her rectum. "

"Do not the best role model"

"When I was 20, I moonlighted as a stripper. Not the best role model for my 8 year old daughter, so I think I'll say that her mom was a housewife all my life. "

"Do it rough"

"I do not want his son to know that that night when we supposedly did so much daddy mommy spanked on the fifth point, that she had left bruises (especially not mind P.S. Mama)."

Iron argument

"The life does not tell his daughter that dropped out of school after 9th grade. I had my own circumstances, and to be honest, I'm sorry about this choice. So, as I have for anything in life I do not want to one day hear from her: "Well, what you're left him, why can not I?". No, sir, this argument of the Iron in the dispute, I give her not going with me. "


"I do not want my three children to know that their father - moron who at age 23 had sex with a stripper in a pose of a unicorn. If you do not know what the attitude of the Unicorn, it is when you get up on his knees, head-mounted strap on dildo, she stands in front of you, well, then you get the unicorn ... ".

"My mother a writer!"

"I kind of like a writer, and my sons know the profession that my mother makes a living by writing books. However, I very much hope that, at least up to 18 years, they will not know that polls all the manuscripts, which the publisher has purchased me for the last few years, tell not about dragons, robots, or dashing police, and how some men love other men behind. Awkward conversation would turn out, though. In the end, I am not guilty, eat all you want, and for this scribbling least well paid. "

"Father of the school, now!"

"My daughter, who is studying in 7th grade, does not know that she passed on the great mathematics, English and history because in the last six months, I slept with three of her teacher. And you never know. Really".

"Mommy misbehaved"

"I do not want my children to know that I have met with their father online BDSM dating. I know that there is nothing such, many rushing of BDSM, but I just do not want it. "

Risen from the dead,

"My daughter does not know that I actually did not die in Iraq, as told to her by her mother. I'm not such a bastard, as you would think, and do not mind to see her, but her mother long ago another life, she has made in court to have deprived the rights of the child, and now my daughter brings a complete stranger the man she calls her father . She told her that I had hit a mine, and my body was never returned home. They sometimes commemorated me and bring flowers to the Memorial to the fallen soldiers. "

"This is a shame!"

"I will never say to his daughter, that during pregnancy I was more like a boy."

Life Winner

"My children will never know that I am a winner in life, which during oral sex accidentally peed on their mom's mouth. That's all I wanted to say. Thanks for your attention".