Tips for losing weight that do not work

• weight loss tips that do not work

In pursuit of the figure, we are ready for many things: eliminate sugar, become vegetarian, do not eat at night, to count every calorie ... But somehow not losing weight. We dispel the most popular myths about diets.

Tips for losing weight that do not work

calorie deficit

"The most common mistake is the calorie deficit for a long time. The body slows the metabolism, including the "Energy Saving" mode, and in the future, any deviation from the "system" will cause swelling and weight gain. The tougher restrictions - the tougher the failure, and if you do not change your attitude to food, the consequences can be disastrous, even to bulimia.

radical detox

The next common mistake is the use of detox programs for other purposes not in order to cleanse the body of toxins, and for quick weight loss. In the slang of nutritionists, this is called "food swings" from detox to food kilograms. This leads to a PFR (eating disorder) such as binge eating followed by guilt.

Invalid schedule

About the "do not eat after six" have all heard, but in fact it is necessary to round off after 16-00 even if you eat a very healthy diet. For example, these varieties of fish such as salmon, trout and salmon are rich in beneficial fats and are essential for our body, but have a high calorie content. The same applies to vegetable fats, such as nuts and oils. All this can and should be there, but in the first half of the day. The second is better to leave the low-calorie vegetables and protein foods.

Bust Fruit

Many believe the fruit low-calorie evening snack. In the fruit contains fructose, which is a useful natural sugar, so they should be included in the diet in the first half of the day. Do not forget that the avocado also refers to the fruit.

Too complex carbohydrates

Many people know that simple carbohydrates - it's bad, but complicated - it's good. This is partly true, because complex carbohydrates are a source of energy that the body needs for the day. But their use is not suitable for an evening meal, as all the unspent energy is transformed into body fat.


The erroneous belief that the rejection of animal food helps to lose weight - no more than a myth. To provide the body with all the necessary nutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vegetarians have to eat less, and more!