8 healthy foods that add calories you

Healthy eating is associated with diet, although it is not the same thing. Some products are considered useful, not because they have fewer calories than others, and because of that, how many different vitamins and minerals they contain, how they affect the body and absorbed. Therefore, if you do it is important to monitor the amount of calories you consume do not kid yourself this harmless (actually no) food.

1. Avocado

8 healthy foods that add calories you

Yes, it is green, but the color of fresh low-calorie deceptive. It is a fruit rich in fatty oils and acids. When cut open avocado to make toast or add it to a salad, keep in mind that it is one slice contains about 70 calories. In general, fruit about 350 calories, which brings it more to the complete meal than to a light snack.

2. Seeds

8 healthy foods that add calories you

Dried fruit is essentially "squeezing" the water, and it means that one cup contains 5-8 times more calories and sugar than the same serving of fresh fruit. For example, in a plate of grapes about 60 calories, and a plate of raisins - already 460.

This does not take away from the dried fruit of their useful properties, but keep in mind that if you follow the consumption of calories, it is best to measure the piece is a treat, not in cups.

3. Gluten-free products

8 healthy foods that add calories you

Eating gluten-free products under the guise of a healthy diet can lead to deficiency of calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, because in the end you eat less nutritionally enriched cereals substances. In addition, lack of fiber contained in whole grains, degrades digestion and provokes constipation. Also gluten-free products usually contain more calories. That's because they have cornstarch and brown rice - typical substitutes conventional wheat flour.

4. Yogurt

8 healthy foods that add calories you

per serving plain fat-free yogurt about 100 calories and a lot of calcium. But the same yogurt with fruit syrup on the bottom, muesli and other supplements can contain up to 46 grams of sugar and 250 calories.

Buy a boring non-fat Greek yogurt and add a bit of fresh fruit or honey, if the soul requires sweet. In any case it will be useful to any other shop dessert.

5. Nuts

8 healthy foods that add calories you

The nuts are often used as a healthy snack. They are rich in protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more calories and fat. 100 grams more than 560 calories of peanuts, hazelnuts - about 628 walnuts - over 650. Absolutely all nuts is very, very high in calories. Still a great hearty snack, but, as with the dried fruits, it is best to limit a few pieces a day, instead of the whole plate.

6. Tofu

8 healthy foods that add calories you

The so-called bean curd is widely used in vegan cuisine and healthy eating in general. Tofu contains a lot of protein, iron, calcium. In half a cup of this product is about 100 calories - not too much. But the problem is that love tofu fry or bake, and he was like a sponge, absorbs the oil, turning your dinner into a real useful fat bomb.

If you want to make tofu is really healthy foods, pay attention to how and what you cook it. He absorbs all the flavors, smells, sauces and oils, which touches. The best way to keep a low-calorie tofu - to prepare it for a couple or a cook.

7. Smoothies and fruit juices

8 healthy foods that add calories you

Smoothies - a large portion of several fruits in one nutritious drinks. Add to this the ingredients that we usually use to a variety of cocktails: syrup, honey, nuts, chocolate, ice cream. But when you drink only a glass of "juice", do not you think that your body has just had a pretty nutritious dessert.

Take care of your diet - limited to a small portion of a smoothie, mix no more than a couple of fruit, and give up the sweet additions.

8. Coffee drinks

8 healthy foods that add calories you

The coffee contains almost no calories in a cup of pure drink no more than 2-3. But the pleasure of coffee, if it does not have a double portion of cream, a pair of spoons of sugar, cinnamon, or a delicious syrup? Therefore, in your favorite latte is not 2, and 250 calories. In this context, the phrase "I only drink coffee," ceases to sound innocuous. Buying another coffee to go, remember that it is also quite noticeable meal for your body, and not just a refreshing drink.