6 reasons to give up sugar

• 6 reasons to give up sugar

Why sweet foods so pleasant to the taste? It has sugar. And although he is loved almost all of it, alas, is not useful. Sugar contributes to weight gain and tooth decay. On other issues, few people think, but it is really harmful to the body! And that's why.

6 reasons to give up sugar

1. affects mood

To focus on the daily activities, the brain needs energy in the form of glucose derived from carbohydrates. But if there is only sweet, will ride the blood sugar level, and after a short ascent you will feel fatigue, and mood will deteriorate. If we eat complex carbohydrates (whole-grain cereals and breads, brown rice, quinoa, beans), which are slowly lose energy, it will be much better.

2. Accelerates Aging

Balance in eating can influence the condition of the skin. With an excess of inflammation sugar on it appear more often because sugar molecules break down collagen. Wrinkles, skin becomes less elastic and more exposed to external influences.

3. Affects sportswear

Carbohydrates are needed to add energy during exercise, but, again, slow. The sugar desserts little nutrients.

4. degrade the performance of the gastrointestinal tract

Fruit and other natural sources of sugar are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and water. All this is good for the digestive tract and overall health. But added sugar bears no such thing, and health becomes worse.

5. Provokes thrush

Candida species cause the majority of fungal infections, and sugar "diet" perfectly nourishes and helps them develop.

6. Calls hunger

Fast carbohydrates are processed quickly, without leaving a feeling of satiety and hunger pangs causing new and desire to eat another cake.