What to eat to lose weight? What to eat in the evening for dinner to lose weight quickly?

The process of losing weight in our minds firmly bound to the torment in the gym and half-starved existence. In fact it is not so bad. Nutritionists have proven that hard and thoughtless restriction in food does not give stable results. Man loses muscle mass, and fat remains in its place. In addition, this quickly leads to metabolic slowdown, the body desperately needed it protects muscle tissue protein, and thus, further reduction in weight will be almost impossible. In fact, the question is wrong. It is much better to ask what to eat to lose weight, because there are several products that actually facilitate the weight loss process, acting according to the rule "the more you eat, the more will grow thin." Proper diet strengthens the muscles, and this, in turn, influences the process of weight loss.

What to eat to lose weight? What to eat in the evening for dinner to lose weight quickly?

The best products for weight loss: eggs and fish

Indeed, apart from the fact that to eat to lose weight, you must keep in mind the need for protein. Rather than use the useless carbohydrates or heavy oils, it is much better to choose the necessary sources of protein. Of all the range of products it is best to choose the eggs. In addition to protein in their composition have the necessary vitamins and cholesterol, which helps to increase the testosterone levels of the hormone.

The second product in a series of "what to eat to lose weight" - it's a fish and seafood. Stunning in its nutritional properties the product is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats Omega-3 group.

Dairy products yogurts and

About their favor to mention probably pointless, all aware of this. But we should add, since we are talking today about what to eat to lose weight, you need to understand that it is necessary to choose only low-fat yogurt without sweet additives. Any fruit preparations reduce efficiency. Instead of yogurt are ideal kefir or yogurt. These great products normalize digestion, and therefore weight loss process will go in the right direction.

What to eat to lose weight? What to eat in the evening for dinner to lose weight quickly?

Meat and oil

These bad at first glance, the products are vital for our body. But today we are of all the healthy foods we choose what you need to eat to lose weight. Therefore, the number one product it should be noted the olive oil. Choose only the product cold pressed high purity. It is this oil will help get rid not only of the body fat, but also from a variety of diseases (eg, cardiovascular disease and even cancer).

Of meat products can be considered as the most useful red meat. This is primarily a young lamb and beef. It is rich in beneficial fats and protein, iron, creatine, protein and many other nutrients. But we must not forget that there should be in limited quantities and with fresh vegetables. In addition, losing weight is a great companion chicken breast. It is the product of a negative calorie.

The greens and fruits

Surely, asking the question, what to eat to lose weight, you have heard advice to eat more vegetables and fruits. It is indeed the case. Eating large amounts of fiber, you are guaranteed to start to drop excess weight. A separate line to be noted greens, broccoli, spinach and lettuce. But the palm belongs to celery. It can be used raw or added to soups. These leaves are a wonderful source of vitamins and nutrients and fiber, and contribute to weight loss. Almost all vegetables are your best friends in the struggle for a slender figure, particularly useful cabbage, carrots, beets, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber. But the potatoes should be excluded from the diet. Can help to lose weight and some fruits. It's apples and oranges, as well as an exotic pineapple. These are the best kinds of fruits that are very rich in fiber and nutrients.

What to eat to lose weight? What to eat in the evening for dinner to lose weight quickly?

Cocktails and Smoothies

This is the most healthy food in a series of "what you can eat to lose weight." These drinks are delicious, they are rapidly saturated and contain vitamins and minerals necessary for the human diet. For example, commonly used for snack cucumber smoothies. It is a thick, healthy beverage, which may contain different components. Cucumber with apples and mint perfectly relieves heaviness in the stomach, you will energize your body and satisfy your hunger. This drink should be consumed in the morning before breakfast or before dinner. In order to replace a full dinner for smoothies, to add to the cocktail not only an apple, cucumber and greens, but 150 g fat-free yogurt.

What should I eat to lose weight: the little tricks

In fact, it is necessary to have everything only during active weight loss there are a number of rules that must be followed. weight loss process involves the transition to split meals, meal should be carried out every three hours. For snacking cup of green tea and some fruit is much better than the sandwiches and cookies.

Vegetables and meat are ideal for the main meal, but we must remember that the process of preparing a strong effect on the properties of the finished dish. It is recommended to use the dishes, steamed. Cooked foods are also dietary, but beneficial trace elements preserved somewhat less in them. It should be very careful to choose products, paying attention to the content of fat and simple carbohydrates.

What to eat to lose weight? What to eat in the evening for dinner to lose weight quickly?

How many times a day you need to eat to lose weight

Even the dietitians have a variety of views on this issue. We present two of the most popular schemes. First - this is the standard three meals a day, while the second - a meal of 7 times a day. Let's start with the one which is shared by most of our fellow citizens. If you eat in the morning, afternoon and evening, the body gets used to a certain routine, and famine will occur strictly at a certain time. In addition, you will much easier to distribute all of the daily diet and the amount of calories eaten at one time. It was during this diet fats are burned faster. This is because insulin is not produced at the time when food is digested. A lack of insulin leads to the fact that no stocks are deposited. So, between meals before the body burns stored fat. However, there is this system and significant disadvantages. Between meals you can torment hunger pangs, there is a desire to eat. In addition, when the body gets immediately a large variety of nutrients, it is difficult to use them all the best.

What to eat to lose weight? What to eat in the evening for dinner to lose weight quickly?

Fractional power

Now let's see what happens to the body when food 5-7 times a day. digestive organs constantly working. As a result, improved metabolism, calories burned, and many more. With this diet increases efficiency, you are constantly sufficient nutrients, which means that as a result you will be alert and active. Hunger pangs during this diet does not torture, you just do not have time to get hungry. The blood sugar level is constantly at a normal level. Once hunger sensation is not, then, and eat a lot will not be possible at one time. You will be able to much to lose weight, if the snacks will be using a light meal, apples or yogurt. In addition, fruit snacks to help avoid cravings for sweets.

Have such a system, food and disadvantages. Sometimes it is difficult to comply with such a diet. Man at work does not always have the opportunity to fully bite, and in addition, have to force yourself to eat when on hunger signals have not yet been reported. In addition, insulin in the blood is constantly upgraded, which means that the body will not spend old fat stores.

What to eat to lose weight? What to eat in the evening for dinner to lose weight quickly?

What to eat for breakfast

This is one of the most important meals, because it is in the morning, we need to recharge your batteries for the day. Talking about what to eat to lose weight quickly, it should be noted that the morning meals should include a 300-350 kcal. Approximately half of the morning portion should fall on carbohydrates. This, of course, no sweets and carbohydrates are useful, non-starchy vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Portia should not be large, it is about 55 In the morning part of the diet should be 15-20% protein, which is about '20 excellent source of protein are eggs, milk, protein shake, nuts. In general, the diet should account for 30-35% on fats, ie '15

Later trips to the kitchen to

We turn to the very complex issue of what to eat for dinner to lose weight. Old habits, boredom or night gatherings could lead to the fact that the last meal is too late. In fact, the night snack may well be combined with weight loss, the most important thing - to choose the right products. There is one problem. Lashing out at the food in the evening, we often exceed the amount of calories that is necessary for one day. Therefore, we must take into account your daily diet, and leave it free 100-200 kcal on the evening.

What to eat in the evening to lose weight? This fruits and vegetables that contain a minimum of calories. Excellent tool in the fight against excess weight will be whole grain crackers. Diversify the evening menu may cereal and low-fat yogurt. You can afford a small portion of oatmeal in the soy milk or whole wheat bread with thin slices of boiled chicken.

What to eat to lose weight? What to eat in the evening for dinner to lose weight quickly?

Problem Area - belly

This is the most difficult area of ​​the body where as a result of poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle or hormonal failure occurs fat accumulation. To reduce your waist, you need to eliminate all of these three reasons. But one should start with the food. So, what to eat in order to thin the stomach? First of all it is necessary to completely eliminate flour and junk food, sugary foods, fatty and smoked products, salty foods and alcohol. At the same time we must remember an important rule - moderation in food is needed. The body is like you ate two candy or a kilo of sweet fruit. All the same, the fat will start to tighten your stomach. So the first thing you need to remember that you can not absorb a large amount of food at one time. The basis of the power should be cereals and vegetables. It is very important to supplement your diet with liquid dishes: soups, fruit drinks, jelly. protein foods must be present on a daily basis in the diet: meat, fish, dairy products. Best dessert for you will be a variety of fruits.

Diet for a beautiful waist

First of all your task is the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. It is therefore necessary to eliminate foods that cause fermentation: beans and barley, grapes, pears and sugar. Takeout need from alcoholic beverages. Now let's see, what to eat to lose weight in the abdomen. There should be small portions, carefully chewing each bite. The basis of the diet should make dairy products. Must be present boiled meat and fish. Vegetables desirable baked only one kind with each meal. However, such restrictions must be observed as a long as possible. Rapid weight loss does not give consistent results.

What to eat to lose weight? What to eat in the evening for dinner to lose weight quickly?

Menu for the week

To help you begin to build your program, let's look at what to eat to lose weight in a week.

  • On the first day, breakfast will consist of 100 g of cottage cheese and an apple. Can green tea. For lunch prepare 150 g of chicken breast with vegetable salad. As an afternoon snack and dinner will suit a cup of yogurt.
  • The second day begins with an omelette from two eggs. For lunch - 200 grams of fish stew with zucchini. At mid-morning snack - yogurt, and for dinner prepare a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • The third day. Treat yourself to breakfast yogurt and apple. The meal can bake 200 g turkey or chicken with oranges. At lunch - as kefir, and - dinner salad with shrimps and cucumber.
  • On Thursday, as a breakfast cook porridge, can crumble in her apple. For lunch - salmon steak with steamed grapefruit. At dinner - a couple of tomatoes with shrimp.
  • On Friday, for breakfast you can prepare a fruit salad with yogurt for lunch - 200 grams of chicken and baked beans. At dinner - 150 g skim cottage cheese, and in the afternoon - yogurt.
  • On Saturday morning you start with two eggs and one orange. For lunch, prepare 3 lazy cabbage rolls, and for dinner - salad of radish and cucumber. Snack unchanged.
  • Finally on Sunday for breakfast can be boiled buckwheat and milk for lunch - 200 grams of lean fish with vegetables, and for dinner - a fruit salad.