Five critical abilities of successful people

What it means to be a successful person? And as they become? Each invests in a concept something different, but in general, these are people who have achieved financial well-being and / or made a cherished dream. personal growth experts believe that many do not succeed in life because they did not have "hard" skills (eg, technical expertise), and due to the lack of "soft". That's about it and should talk!

Five critical abilities of successful people

1. Turning a negative into a positive and dips - the ability to

Let's be honest, no one likes a complicated and unpleasant situations. We instinctively try to avoid pain and having fun, but what if we look at the problems and bad situations as opportunities? No need to quickly forget about the failure: to study, why it happened, make conclusions and continue to do otherwise.

2. Collaborate

Many people believe their colleagues and other departments (which takes about the same as) rivals, and it is rarely beneficial. Successful people create around themselves a positive atmosphere, believe that if the wind blew the sails, all ships can sail. In simple words, people help each other, and this benefits everyone: if we summarize the strengths and capabilities, the benefits will be greater than that of the competition. Bring people together and work together - better, especially if the benefits of this are becoming.

3. Discipline and consistency

Achieving success usually takes many years, and it is important to adhere to the correct course of action. Steve Jobs once said that 50% of what separates successful people from unsuccessful - pure perseverance. This seems obvious, but in practice this does not remember much more. Our brain is able to automate processes. For example, when you learn to drive a car at some point actions brought to automatism, and you can safely talk to the passengers or to listen to music rather than frantically clinging to the steering wheel. So, having developed good habits, you can without any problems to follow them.

4. They are not afraid to make mistakes

Many heads of large companies recognize that there were wrong, choosing the wrong options - but eventually succeeded. Most people are afraid to make mistakes, so much so that sometimes do not even try to do something about it! No need to strive to make mistakes, but remember that all actions have consequences, and not always mistakes lead to failure.

5. Taking care of yourself

If you do not get enough sleep, to work harder: energy is small, you feel tired, enthusiasm fades. If this state catches up with you more and more, take the time to relax, reboot ... and create useful rituals, to the brain and body are not peretruzhdaetsya. Sport, yoga, hobbies - anything, just to have enough energy for the accomplishments, and fatigue is not pulling you back. It is enough to take the first step - and then it will be easier.