Tattoo Guardian Angels: photos, value

In matters such as a tattoo on the body, we often inspire stellar examples. Some of the big names such as David Beckham, are the holders of tattoo angels. If you want to portray to your body something like this, we first need to carefully study the varieties of this pattern and its symbolism.


Tattoo guardian angels are the personification of divine energy, protection and patronage, support and compassion. Proof of this is the origin of most of these angels - they "went down" to us with frescoes and sculptures of the Catholic Church. Cherubim and seraphim - our invisible companions, eternal guards and mentors. Many also believe that they are the souls of our loved ones who have departed to the other world. For this reason, once it becomes clear that the tattoo can symbolize a guardian angel. Photos, which can be found in the article and in magazines, most say that these figures - the prerogative of the female half of the population. But in fact, "a body-worn angels" are divided into different categories depending on what varies and what they mean.

Tattoo Guardian Angels: photos, value

Ideas for the girls

Initially, for example, that in fact no restrictions applied wearable drawings no. There are only recommendations or common notions by which certain types of drawings refer to the female, the other - to the male. As for the tattoo guardian angels, the women most relevant seraphim image. This is the most approximate to God beings who, looking up, cover his face wings, so as not to see the face of his Creator. They represent not only the highest form of purity and sanctity, but also able to deliver from sin mortals, whose soul has lost its way. In the case of the fair sex tattoo "Guardian Angel" on the shoulder - the most common variant. Seraphim are represented in miniature, they look very touching and elegant. Less commonly, angels painted on the ankles or on the back.

Tattoo Guardian Angels: photos, value

Tattoo "Guardian Angel": male version of

At the disposal of men and younger boys are sketches of the cherubim. These creatures also have one of the highest ranks in the Christian religion, but more of them, and they look a little different. The most common in the field of tattoos cherub - Cupid. Body paint him as a naked baby is shot from a bow. It is believed that the image on the back or shoulder Cupid - the guarantor of the love of happiness and success. In addition to the patron of love, there are plenty of other cherubs, each of which represents a particular sphere of life. Most often chosen such that help to cope with particular difficulties, will take you through the hard way in the future will be with the person forever.

Tattoo Guardian Angels: photos, value

The provisions of angels

This issue will be discussed directly about divine beings pose in which you want to draw it on his body. It affects not only the aesthetic side of the issue, but also on the sacred meaning of such tattoos, her energy and radiation. If the angel depicted in the lotus position, he will be helping its owner to feel a constant harmony to the soul, configure it in a positive way, to make stronger and wiser. The image of a cherub with a cheerful countenance, at some funny attitude will make a person more positive and happy, dispel the clouds over his heaven. Angel, imprinted in an erotic position, will awaken the sexual energy in a person. When the cherubim depicted with his hand raised to the sky, he is able to help those in need and bring people out of darkness.

Tattoo Guardian Angels: photos, value

Common values ​​for all of the cherubim

It so happens that people inflict on their bodies with tattoos of angels, without thinking about who it is - a cherub or seraph, what are its characteristics, which means his posture and how it affects your life. In this case, it is important to remember that these divine beings with wings can indicate the following points. Firstly, the sunrise and the awakening of all living things. Second, it is the birth of a child, a new life and the emergence of a new force. Well and thirdly, cherub - a symbol of nature. No matter what its incarnation - melting snow, swollen buds of trees or the sea breeze. Such cherubs represent all living things on the planet.

Tattoo Guardian Angels: photos, value

Angel Wings

Throughout human history, people thought that they could fly in the sky like birds, to be free as free. That is why some have long made a tattoo - a guardian angel on his back, or just his wings. This figure has always been a symbol of what a person is trying to get closer to God and become wiser, freer. Angel wings, depicted on the back, lift up, help release the creative and spiritual potential. And of course, this figure though is very common, looks incredibly impressive. It is popular among women, and among the stronger sex, because there are many variations, which differ from each other by the width of the lines, strokes, color and size of the entire image.

Tattoo Guardian Angels: photos, value

Location of the Cherubim and Seraphim

Now look at the most popular, so to speak, a place where people portray this divine tattoo. Guardian Angel on his arm - the most popular option that is relevant for both men and women. Often you can meet representatives of the stronger sex, which the chest is decorated with paintings like breeches. Sometimes even so, that on the chest or collarbone draw only the wings, and the thin lines represent a silhouette of an angel. The most striking and unusual drawings on similar themes are made on the back. These can be some wings, which we discussed above, as well as full-fledged drawings, in which carefully designed curves of the body and facial features of the Divine Messengers. Few dare to hammer the entire back, but those who made it, never regret such beauty.


Whatever the value of the person for himself or implied by tattoo guardian angel, in any case, such a figure would symbolize his faith in God. Sketches on similar topics often drawn up in accordance with the biblical canon, as well as with other religious attributes. For example, a guardian angel can be depicted with cross arms. This means that a person has suffered a lot of loss in my life, and they have made it stronger. If cherub or seraph prays in the figure, it means that the owner of the tattoo needs the support of the Almighty, as passes through a very difficult period of his life. After the black bar and the time comes to recedes white angel who remains on the body, he continues to protect his master, protected from misfortune and evil eye.

The memory of the departed

Another very common meaning tattoo with the image of a guardian angel - is the memory of the one who stepped into another world. Earlier, we mentioned that there is a belief that God's messengers who protect us, are our pochivshimi close. That is why in the guise of angels, from the back of which grow wings and halo over his head rises, many depict people who had previously been very expensive to them. It happens that a tattoo is a very simple and small, can not even see his face on it. In this case, the image has a symbolic value, and about who it depicts only the owner knows. But it also happens that the body stuffed replicas of people's faces, combined with the photos that are clothed in the wings after.