8 women's thoughts during sex and what to do with them

Unfortunately, not every sex life absorbs so much that you just forget about everything. Often in moments of intimacy head is full of the most crazy thoughts. Heroine analyzed typical inner monologues of women during sex and figured out how to rethink them into something positive.

1. Tomorrow needed so much time to

8 women's thoughts during sex and what to do with them

Classics of the genre - to make to-do list, remember that she had forgotten to congratulate her friend on his birthday, to reflect on the meaning of life. Scroll through the best moments of childhood, then suddenly discover that your 26 and you are now actually having sex with her boyfriend. Well, hello, long time no see.

What to do: here as meditation: I notice that thoughts floated somewhere in Copenhagen, immediately return them to the process. Concentrate on sensations, sounds and smells (as an option - for its fragrance cologne stunning).

2. He did not even pay attention to my chic bralett of 5000

Two hours selecting and fittings, a quarter of the salary - all in order, so he asked: "How is it removed?". Man, it was so laundry is not ashamed and Duchess of Sussex to wear for the wedding night! So it was hard to say that I look like a goddess?

What: have enough to buy underwear for a guy to do it for themselves. The elegant lace feel feminine and seductive, even if the top strict pantsuit and you at the meeting. Trust me guys, too, notice the difference between a terribly comfortable cotton slips and sexy translucent set. Just not all of it can be formulated.

3. When he has finished

8 women's thoughts during sex and what to do with them

I wonder how much time is it? Even if the TV set is turned on, and then you'll die of boredom while his wait.

What: for sure he did not just longingly expect when you reach climax. So you'd better help - it's in your best interest, too.

4. It is normal that he does not respond to oral sex in return

Probably tired and do it the next time. Or at least on March 8.

What: if you feel that puts in sex more than a partner, that's enough to think about it - tell all in his face. Not necessarily every time to act according to the principle "you me, I give you", but if there is no reciprocity in your bed wound selfish.

5. It will be embarrassing if I asked him to be tougher

8 women's thoughts during sex and what to do with them

How scared to try new things. Worse than this just your monotonous boring sex.

What: He will never know about your desires if you yourself can not be said about them. The problem is that people in general are not universal, so share your preferences is important.

6. I hope I do not get pregnant and does not infected by it

Condoms with him, of course, no, we are familiar with only a couple of hours weeks, but I hope this guy knows what he does.

What: In order to not have to worry about the side effects of sex, discuss it with the guy before his penis will be in you. There is nothing to be ashamed to send it or to ask for a condom, how long he was in venereology.

7. In vain I have not shaved legs

8 women's thoughts during sex and what to do with them

What he now think of me?

What: is likely, he will think that you are a living man, and from living people are commonly found hair on the body. Although in reality during sex, it is unlikely to pay attention to the little vegetation on their feet, so just forget about it. You have wonderful legs!

8. I wonder what Bradley Cooper in bed?

In the film "A Star Is Born," it looks like it is a pity, but surprisingly still sexy. Irina Shayk probably always shaves his legs before sex. And I was even on my guy can not concentrate!

What: not be ashamed of your thoughts! The erotic fantasies there is nothing strange or wrong. The main thing is to keep them under control and do not forget that your man named Vova, not Brad.

What other thoughts come into your head during sex?