First aid for poisoning by mushrooms

• First aid in cases of poisoning by fungi

First aid for poisoning by mushrooms

Before the start of the mushroom season remind simple rules to help avoid mushroom poisoning, and tells what to do if there is suspicion of poisoning.

How to avoid mushroom poisoning: prevention

  • Give up eating wild mushrooms. Replace them fungi are grown artificially.
  • Do not buy mushrooms on natural markets.
  • inspects mushrooms. If there are any doubts - give up their use.
  • Collect only familiar mushrooms. After the slightest doubt immediately throw the fungus, leaving it next to the other.
  • Do not take too young or old mushrooms. They are easy to confuse with poisonous.
  • Do not pick mushrooms near the tracks, industrial zones, polluted areas. Mushrooms absorb toxic substances, including heavy metals.
  • Do not pick mushrooms in the dry weather. At this time, the mushroom dries, rendering the water and increasing the concentration of toxins.
  • Do not try raw mushrooms.
  • House once again carefully check the mushrooms. All suspicious should be thrown away.
  • Prepare the mushrooms for the first day after the acquisition.
  • Vari mushrooms at least three times, each time in the fresh salt water for at least 30 minutes.
  • Keep dishes with mushrooms in the refrigerator in an enamel pot is not more than a day.

Who can not eat mushrooms:

Even if you are confident in the quality and safety of mushrooms, they are not recommended to be used:

  • for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • children under 12 years of age
  • for the elderly
First aid for poisoning by mushrooms

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning:

Signs of mushroom poisoning may manifest as 30 minutes after use, and in a few days. The main features of mushroom poisoning are:

  • nausea, vomiting,
  • a sharp pain in my stomach
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • increased body temperature
  • reduction of heart rate
  • asthma
  • convulsions
  • blood flow to the extremities (cold hands and feet)
  • appearance of hallucinations and delusions

If manifested at least one of these symptoms - immediately call a doctor!

First aid for mushroom poisoning:

The most important thing - immediately call "103".

If possible, a simple water rinse stomach or accept sorbents (lowest effective dose of Activated Carbon - 0 5 g / kg body weight).

Before the emergency soon comply with bed rest and drink plenty of fluids - water, salt water or cool tea. This will help restore the water-salt balance and remove toxins.

It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, any food or milk and milk products - it can accelerate the absorption of toxins.

In any case not to self-medicate and do not try to "ride out" - it can be deadly.

Remains of mushroom or mushroom dishes it is necessary to save, as their laboratory study will help determine the cause of poisoning and appropriate treatment.