From what cellulite? The causes of cellulite formation. Methods of combating, prevention

Cellulite - a widespread phenomenon, the treatment of which was particularly popular in the 21st century. This accumulated fat under the skin, located uneven areas that adversely affects the appearance of the specific areas of the body. Many people call cellulite "orange peel", as its symptoms are similar to that element.

From what cellulite? The causes of cellulite formation. Methods of combating, prevention

Cellulite during pregnancy

For many the question arises as to why there was the cellulite during pregnancy. This phenomenon can be easily explained by the influence of hormones on the body. This reason can be explained by what appears cellulite, not only during pregnancy but also during puberty, menopause. During the constant changes in the level of certain hormones in the blood of the body stored extra fat that triggers the appearance of cellulite.

From what cellulite? The causes of cellulite formation. Methods of combating, prevention

If you look at the statistics, we can take into account the views of scientists. In conducting research experts have found that when a pregnancy occurs, cellulite has appeared in 20% of women. Menopause is a heavier factor, so the "orange peel" is formed at 25% of women. Puberty is characterized by smaller changes relatively little stress to the body, so prone to cellulite only 12% of adolescents.

From what cellulite? The causes of cellulite formation. Methods of combating, prevention

Cellulite lean

Many women wonder why, even with diet and when the small body weight can not get rid of cellulite. Process it arrives due to the presence and quantity of certain genes in the organism. Each person has a different intensity of the burning of fat cells. To make sure that the reason by which cellulite is in the genes, it is necessary to ask about the problem and grandparents.

From what cellulite? The causes of cellulite formation. Methods of combating, prevention

If the genes provide low intensity burning fat, orange peel will appear, regardless of body weight. To fight against this phenomenon is necessary. Help sports and dosed receiving wholesome food. Also, when the innate predisposition to cellulite should abandon bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. If cellulite has appeared, that do not know many women, however, subject to the basic rules of healthy lifestyle, you can quickly get rid of it.


The older a person becomes, the more likely the appearance of cellulite. If gradually decreased motor activity, muscle tone weakens. When age is significant, with this negative phenomenon align hormonal disorders, slowing metabolism. Because of this, there is a rapid accumulation of fat cells in the body and the subsequent formation of cellulite.

Sedentary lifestyle

If cellulite is formed by the pope, it is likely that the reason for this little physical activity or sedentary work. Only these reasons may affect the formation of cellulite without any additional violations. In this case, the "orange peel" will stand out slightly, but will be visible, but relief is enhanced in proportion to the age of the person. To prevent the appearance of cellulite or to temper his severity, you need to play sports and try to make their life more active.


Nervous stress is one of the fundamental factors, causing cellulite. Because of the negative emotions in humans manifests various failures related to blood circulation, digestion and other important functions. In chronic stress can accumulate excess fat not only in the usual places, but even under the ribs or in the back of the head, which leads to a condition in which people are quick to note that began appearing cellulite.


Alcohol consumption, smoking, unhealthy food can trigger the accumulation of toxins in the body. If these processes are aggravated and the harmful substances will not be displayed in time, there will come a lot of negative effects, one of which is cellulite.

Getting Rid of Cellulite: proper nutrition

Remove and prevent this phenomenon can be dosed by means of, rational receive healthy food. It is necessary every day to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, replacing them tasty, but healthy food. You also need to make cheese and yogurt. That there was a benefit for weight loss, you should buy these products with a minimum fat content, but limit yourself to their receiving inappropriate. To get rid of cellulite, you need to not only lose weight but to become healthier, more physically active person.

From what cellulite? The causes of cellulite formation. Methods of combating, prevention

In order to prevent this disease, it is necessary to know which products from cellulite. You can not eat a variety of flour products. If a person is a lover of fast food, it is necessary to stop its use and get rid of this bad habit. You should also limit the amount of sweets. Do not take fatty or heavily fried foods, as these dishes are poorly absorbed, which can cause deposits under the skin, similar to orange peel. You also can not eat large amounts of food at one time. It is necessary to separate the food into smaller portions and eat 5-8 times a day.

Sports against cellulite

Sports not only help to beat cellulite, but also to lose weight quickly, immediately getting an excellent outline of the shape. Even if a person can not regularly go to the gym or go to aerobics classes, you can do simple exercises at home, spending on them the minimal amount of time. A great addition to exercise is walking on stairs and walking to and from work. If a frequently visited place is far away from home, it is possible to stop earlier to withdraw from public transport to secure a great tone for the whole day.

From what cellulite? The causes of cellulite formation. Methods of combating, prevention

wrapping cellulite

Many women prefer to fight cellulite at home, so take a course wraps. This procedure allows you to clear your skin and nourish its cells useful substances. Also, these actions have a positive effect on the circulatory system, help burn fat cells and gradually deduce the excess fluid from the body.

To wrap cellulite help is necessary not only to carry them, but also to continuously monitor their diet and lifestyle. To get rid of or prevent that from what appears cellulite, you need to simultaneously monitor the quality and quantity of food, actively engage in sports, as well as to use different procedures for cleansing the body.

prevention of cellulite

To avoid the appearance of cellulite at any age, it is necessary to remove all of the factors that provoke it. First and foremost on the formation of the so-called orange peel affect impaired circulation and microcirculation. It is necessary to eliminate all predisposing factors. Stagnation is the main reason affecting why cellulite. They are characterized by disorders in the venous outflow in which part extends rearwardly of blood in the tissue, due to which the pressure therein drops and, as a consequence, is slowed microcirculation.

From what cellulite? The causes of cellulite formation. Methods of combating, prevention

Venous congestion may occur not only during sedentary work, but also because of the long time spent on their feet. Such factors include the work of the seller or the hairdresser. On congestion also affects pregnancy, especially in the later stages. Most of the plays in the formation of cellulite physical inactivity. To implement the prevention of venous stasis, we can restrict normal walking. It is advisable to take a day from 5 km, but if this is not possible, it is necessary to walk less, do not neglect even a small opportunity to make extra steps. If there is a predisposition to the formation of "orange peel", you must consistently take action on the prevention of why cellulite. In the shower, you can use a special massage washcloth with wax. There is also a massage brush in which the bristles are arranged in place of teeth with rounded parts at the ends. To maintain healthy skin and avoid excess fat, you need to constantly maintain muscles and skin toned, without bringing the process to a running state when the treatment of cellulite may become more difficult.